Low Vision Aids

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Handheld Electronic Video Magnifiers

With eyesight loss, you may look for a magnifying aid which help see the tiny-size letters sometimes. Zoomax Luna S and Luna 6 with pocket-size and easy-to-use features will be your best try!  If handbag-size magnifier is your target, don't miss Luna 8! 

luna 6 画面p图1

Luna 6

An Easy-to-use and Slim Electronic Magnifier that Offers Superior Image and Build-in Handle.

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier Min

Luna S

Pocket-size with Big Physical Buttons and Clear Image, Designed for People Living with Low Vision.

luna 8 min

Luna 8

High Quality with Compact Design, Large 8" Screen, Lightweight and 8 Hours of Battery Life !

Zoomax handheld video magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus for low vision

Snow 7 HD Plus

Snow 7 HD Plus Presents Crisp Image & Offrers OCR /Text-to-speech .

Zoomax handheld video magnifier Snow for low vision


Intuitive Buttons and Extremely Compact Design Which Had Been Loved by People Worldwide for a Decade!

Portable Electronic Video Magnifier

Snow 12 is not only a  portable foldable low vision magnifier provide exceptional image quality but  also a reading machine for low vision people. OCR/Tex-to-speech funtion transfers the prints to voice. Now, enjoy your eye spa and listen to your favorite book! 

Zoomax Snow 12 Portable Video Magnifier for Low Vision

Snow 12

Large 12" Screen and Powerful Full Page of Text-to-speech Feature, Snow 12 Offers Maximum Portability and Utility for Everyone!

Low Vision E-glasses

Developed for the visually impaired people, Zoomax wearable assistive devices (E-glasses) enables the users to sense their environment and move around freely. Acesight VR can even see things clearly when you stay in dim. People with legally blind now can have fun enjoying movies with your family in the cinema! 

Acesight electronic glasses for low vision


Acesight Is the Most Advanced E-Glasses Recommended by Eye Doctor that Enables Visually Impaired People to See and Walk Around !

Click to Visit Acesight.com and Learn More

Acesight electronic glasses for low vision

Acesight S

Acesight S is An Effective Wearable Vision Aid for People living with Macular Degeneration and Other Eye Diseases to See Clearly Instantly.
Click to Visit Acesight.com and Learn More

electronic glasses acesight vr for low vision product image

Acesight VR

The Most Easy-to-use Hands-free Visual Aid Headset Which Allows People with 20/200 vision to Watch TV, See Loved Ones and Key Notes.

Click to Visit Acesight.com and Learn More

Desktop Video Magnifiers ( CCTV )

With large 24" screen, our desktop electronic magnifiers (CCTV) really make an impression. The movable reading table makes for easy reading, even of large documents. Start to use your Luna HD 24 for writing, crafting,  painting, doodling and reading today! 

luna hd 24 pro (2)

Luna HD 24 Pro

24″ Widescreen FULL-HD Foldable Desktop Digital Magnifier. Luna HD 24 is the newly launched Low-visionProduct For Comfy Reading and Working!

Zoomax desktop video magnifier Panda HD for low vision

Panda HD

High Definition, Space-saving and Ergonomic Design, Panda HD Lights Up Your Life with a Clear Viewing Experience!

Zoomax desktop video magnifier Panda HD for low vision


19" CCTV Provides the Best Affordability and Classic Settings for You to See Easily and Enjoy the Every Day Life!


Zoomax desktop video magnifier Aurora HD for low vision

Aurora HD

With Excellent Image and High-quality Promise, Aurora HD is One of the Best Desktop Video Magnifier on the market!

Low vision products accessories

Zoomax accessories enable users to make a full use of Zoomax Electronic video magnifiers. 

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for Zoomax Snow video magnifier

Lithium-ion Battery

For Zoomax Electronic Video Magnifier Snow and Luna S


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