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Portable Video Magnifier

Our all-new portable solutions provide exceptional image quality and functionality, and a foldable reading/writing stand for more comfortable reading and writing.

zoomax video magnifier Snow 12

Snow 12

Simple and Powerful

Wearable Device

Developed for the visually impaired people, Zoomax wearable assistive device enables the users to sense their environment and move around more conveniently.



Wear, See, and Enjoy

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Acesight S

Simplified Version of Acesight

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Handheld Video Magnifier

When portability is your top priority look no further than our family of handheld magnifiers. From our very affordable 4.3″ to our powerful 10″, there’s a handheld solution for everyone.

Snow 7 HD Plus

New Technology, New Experience

M5 HD Plus handheld video magnifier

M5 HD Plus

Change for You



Unique One Hand Control Design

Desktop Video Magnifier

With available 19 and 24 inch wide screen displays, our desktop magnifiers really make an impression. The movable reading table makes for easy reading, even of large documents.



See Simpler, Live Easier

Panda HD

Panda HD

Cheers for Yourself

desktop video magnifier Aurora HD

Aurora HD

24″ Widescreen Foldable Desktop Video Magnifier

Other Product

Zoomax accessories enable users to make a full use of Zoomax video magnifiers. 

easeScan for Zoomax Snow 10 Pro


For Zoomax Video Magnifier Snow 12

easeArm for Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus


For Zoomax Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus

M5 HD Plus Handle

M5 HD Plus Handle

Standard Accessory of Zoomax M5 HD Plus

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for Zoomax Snow

Lithium-ion Battery

For Zoomax Video Magnifier Snow