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Zoomax handheld video magnifier Snow for low vision


Zoomax Snow 4.3 inch handheld video magnifier is given advanced image technology and camera. It offers sharp image even at the lowest magnification and under fast movement. No learning but easy to use at the very beginning with the large buttons and unique one hand control design. You can read and write on the go or at home.

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Easy to use with intuitive buttons

Zoomax Snow is an excellent reading aid for visually impaired. No learning, no training, three large and intuitive buttons just show you how the electronic video magnifier works directly and keep you away from troublesome operation instruction. Press Freeze Frame button to capture the image for clear viewing and you can even zoom in/out or change the viewing mode of the still image smoothly.

Clear image under any operation

By taking the most advanced image technology and best auto-focus camera, electronic magnifier Snow can keep the clearest image under any operation, even at the lowest magnification and fast movement. In order to make sure the image clean and clear and facilitate the low vision application, the camera is protected by glass from dust and scratch.


Unique one hand control 4.3″ electronic magnifier

An  electronic video magnifier for low vision people must take the accessibility into account. The compact design of 4.3″ Snow is suitable for people to grab and operate by one hand with another hand free to do other things. You can put in your pocket or bag and take it to the office, supermarket, library, anywhere you want to go: it is as light as your mobile phone. No one can replace your writing. With the foldable writing stand, you can write diary, sign the contract, bill or other documents. Writing stand can be folded when it’s not needed.


What’s in the box


  • Connect to TV, support PAL/NTSC
  • Carrying case and wrist grip
  • Smooth magnification adjustment
  • Freeze frame functionality
  • Intelligently memory system (Saving last using setting including viewing mode, magnification, TV format, key tones etc.)
  • Power saving after no operation in 3 min


Unboxing Snow


Zoomax Snow 4.3″ Handheld Video Magnifier Instructional Video


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