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Low Vision Aids Compatible With iPad

Snow Pad is the new generation portable solution for visually impaired person to use at school, workplace, home and everywhere else. It turns your iPad to a portable CCTV, a reading device and a great vision helper for distance and near viewing. It enables people with vision loss to enjoy all the excellence of their personal iPad and meanwhile the outstanding vision aids features anytime! Read more...

Best Video Magnifier for back to school
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Exceptional Dual-viewing Image

Snow Pad offers perfect magnification range and image quality for students’ use in the classroom. The high-end Full HD optical camera offers instant auto focus and sharp image which is ideal for looking far at the white/black board. Students can even take notes and look at the distance simultaneously when activating the split screen mode. 

What Eye Condition is Snow Pad suitable for?

  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • More...

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Snow Pad FAQs

Snow Pad is for persons who wish to have a useful customized video magnifier application in the tablet and be able to view things at a certain distance. Thus, students at school, people at workplace or home will find Snow Pad a great vision helper.

Snow Pad is the portable low vision aid that allows you to use it everywhere. For instance, at school, at home, in the office, at the bar, in the library, in the musume, in a conference, etc.. In a word, take it with you anytime wherever you go.

From the perspectives of physical design, it is. However, it also includes the application which you will download from App store as the necessity to activate the full use of Snow Pad

All types of iPads. The iPad pro is mostly recommended, because its large screen offers  excellent user experience.

Not yet. Zoomax R&D people are working on the solution of which will allow the  connection of  different tablets. 

Snow Pad compatibles with iPad and Xiaomi Pad 6 and Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro currently. Please pay attention to our updates of the connection with other types in the future.

Sorry,no. Please do not connect Snow pad with your cell phone.

Sure! Just download the application into your iPads and connect any of them freely with Snow Pad as you like.

Snow Pad aims at saving the cost for the customers. A majority of low vison persons use tablets nowadays. Choosing Snow Pad, they will avoide extra payment on another screen/tablet. Meanwhile, they will optimize the benefit of their personal tablets.

Only in the circumstance of Snow Pad being fully charged and the adapter is plugged in, the iPad connected with Snow Pad will start to be charged. It means the Snow Pad adapter won’t charge the Snow Pad and the iPad simultanniously. In default, it firstly charge the Snow Pad. If you are at a rush, please charge the iPad separately with its own adapter or with a power bank. To make sure both of the Snow Pad and the tablet are fully charged in the morning, we suggest that you charge them at night before going to the bed. Another tip for keeping the battery alive as needed: charge them separately at noon when you have a break or after school.

Yes, you can do it as you like. However, if you are intending to check the baggage with Snow Pad inside, please take out the tablet to ensure it is well-protected by yourself. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend that the Snow Pad staying with you. It will help avoid any accident happened to the Snow Pad during shipping.

Snow Pad is about 2.4Kgs (5.28 Lbs) excluding the tablet. It is the lightest item in its category. However, for young kids in primary school, parents’ help of carrying it around will be a great appreciation.

Yes, Snow Pad supports Ocr/text-to-speech. There are 20 languages available.

No. There is a pop-up of update reminder for your confirmation. You can decide to update it or not. 

Yes,Snow Pad provides voice prompt. It can be inactivated in the setting if you don’t need it.

Yes. A  well customized bag enabling the easy carrying on the move is a standard part in the Snow Pad package. 

No. In this case, there is a reminder telling “please connect with Snow Pad.”

Please contact us to get the contact information of the local dealer in your area.

We are looking for the cooperation with distributors and dealers  worldwide. Please contact us for further discussion. 


Search "SNOWPAD" in Apple store or 

use your iPad to scan the QR code  and

download the Snow Pad App to your iPad.

Connect your iPad with Snow Pad device

and start your wonderful seeing journey now!


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