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Snow 12

#1: Unpacking Snow 12

#2: Intro to Snow 12 Magnifier

#3: Using Snow 12

#4: Snow 12 Menu & Settings

#5: Text to Speech with Snow 12

#6: Using the Foldable Stand with Snow 12

#7: Using File Transfer​


Acesight Introduction Video #6: How to Use Your Acesight

Click here for full instructional video list (7 videos in total) on YouTube.

Acesight – The Electronic Glasses That Help Visually Impaired People Regain Visual Independence.

Snow 10 Pro

Instructional Video

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro Helps Student Listen to Textbooks

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow 10 Pro – Feel More Beyond Big

Snow 7 HD Plus

Text-to-Speech Version – Instructional Video

Basic Version – Instructional Video

A Father Receiving Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus Video Magnifier as a Gift

Visually Impaired Children Exploring the World With Video Magnifier Snow 7 HD Plus

New Technology, New Experience

M5 HD Plus

Instructional Video

Change for You!

Panda HD

Instructional Video


Instructional Video (English)

Vidéo de présentation fonctionnelle (French)

Aurora HD

Instructional Video

Vidéo de présentation fonctionnelle (French)

Why choose Zoomax Aurora HD 24” Desktop Video Magnifier