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Best desktop video magnifier for school and home


Desktop Electronic Magnifier

Flexible CCTV For School, Work and Home

What Luna Eye Can Do?

Great Portability


Plug & Play

Sharp Image

Auto Focus

Easy -to-use

 Flexible CCTV For Visual Impairment

Luna Eye is the latest desktop video magnifier with excellent flexibility. You will easily lift it up and move it freely in your house or office. Due to the compact design, you just need a small desk for Luna Eye. Three viewing modes helps you be independent everyday.  Looking for some objects around you at a certain distance, enjoying your  favorite book, applying make-up or personal grooming -  everything is possible!

CCTV for low vision to read and see the distance
portable CCTV for low vision pupils

Ideal Seeing Aids For Pupils

Luna Eye is the ideal seeing aids for pupils in the elementary school. Rotate the camera and point it at the blackboard, kids with low sightness are able to catch up with  their  teachers. Turn it to near-view mode, kids can read their textbooks at their own.  The very easy-to-use functions and brighter image are super friendly for every low-vision kids. 

What Eye Conditions Luna Eye Suitable For?

  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • More...

Happy Customers

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Luna Eye FAQs

Luna Eye is a perfect choice for people with visual impairment who wish to own a large-size screen digital magnifier which is also space-saving on the desk. Of course, the practical functions – distance-viewing, near-viewing and self-viewing – make it always helpful in low-vision people’s study, work and life.

Luna Eye is for low-vision people to read newspapers, books and documents, write and draw something on the paper, view the content on the blackboard in the classroom, or use like a mirror when applying make-up. It is a complete system that fulfills everyone’s everyday need.

Please choose the device according to your eye situation and need.

If you still have question about the Luna Eye and Luna HD 24 Pro, please contact us now. We are glad to help you anytime. 

Luna Eye is designed for visual impaired people who only want some basic functions. For instance, magnification, high ontrast color, freezing picture and reading line/mask etc.. Therefore, everyone will feel so easy to start with it.

Please contact us to get the contact information of the local dealer in your area.

We are looking for the cooperation with distributors and dealers  worldwide. Please contact us for further discussion. 

Toll-free: (866)887-6565
Business Day 9 am – 5 pm EST


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