About Zoomax

Since 2011, Zoomax has been committed to developing assistive technology for people with vision impairments.
Zoomax worldwide sales and service network have covered over 80 countries and 1000 cities.
There are over 30 engineers work in Zoomax who are dedicated in creating the best visual-aid product for our valuable users.


“ There is an email saved in my mail box for 12 years. That email was one of the most significant factors shaped Zoomax’s belief. 

That email was sent by Susan, who is legally blind. She told me: Vincent, you never know how much better I can read something around me now! God, I hope I had the ZOOMAX SNOW when the macular degeneration occurred years ago. Thank you for providing such a wonderful visual device.

Susan inspired me and the Zoomax team over a decade. The awareness of making customers happy and earning customers’ trust has been deeply planted in our heart and mind. Everyone in the team clearly understands Zoomax should and will be dedicated to professionalism, efficiency, and innovation.


 Customers’ demand and feedback is always the most important base when we start our work. Everything Zoomax people has been doing is for one goal: to fulfill customers’ expectations and offer the people with vision loss conditions the most helpful vision aids.


To make sure customers enjoy the best service experience, Zoomax people regard customers’ inquiries the first thing in the daily work. Thus, customers are ensured to receive our reply and resolution promptly. Over the years, the internal service procedure has been consistently optimized to catch up the pace of the customer need.


Zoomax knows how innovative product positively impact customer’s life.The passion for exploring new assistive technology has been empowering us moving forward.

With more than 30 engineers and technical experts working in our independent lab, Zoomax presents low vision products with high-end tech and serious consideration of the customers’ scenarios.

As a leading company in the industry, Zoomax works with hundreds of distributors in over 80 countries in the world. Up to date, a million of low-vision users has been empowered to be self-reliant and self-assurance by using Zoomax low vision aids to enhance their vision.

Looking ahead, Zoomax will be devoted to be the best friend for our business partners, the most trusted supplier for our clients. and the most innovative high-tech visual aids company. ”

  ----  From Dr. Vincent Lee, Zoomax President


Who we are  

ZOOMAX is a high-tech low vision solution company focusing on the research and development of the high quality low vision aids. Our headquarter is located in Hangzhou, China,where owns the world's leading-edge artificial intelligence technology and the most developed Internet technology. Taking advantage of such technical excellence, Zoomax shows competitive capability in hardware, software and product ID design.

Our advantages

ZOOMAX has actively cooperated with many eye hospitals and low-blindness institutions over the years, and constantly discussed users' opinions and demands on products. In terms of technological innovation, we attach great importance to the spirit of scientific research, and have long-term cooperation with famous universities such as UCLA (University of California), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), FUDAN University, etc., and have accumulated rich unique technical advantages in the industry.

The company has more than 60 technology and product patents.

Zoomax persists in high capital investment and launch new products every year, contributed high-reputation hand-held and portable vision aids such as Luna 6Luna 8 and SNOW 12 to serve users, and became the only company to develop the wearable electronic low vision glasses, Acesight, which help visually impaired users to be mobile. These achievements demonstrate ZOOMAX's original intention and mission - provides the customers the excellent products.

Our Goal

ZOOMAX pays high attention to the user's experience of the product, as well as the partner's expectations for mutual cooperation. Mutual trust, dialogue, reciprocity and win-win results are the fundamental principles of our commitment to our partners and to all cooperative work.

Throughout the years of development, we has met many kindred friends and collaborators. We worked together to overcome lots of challenges while making product improvement and developing the market thus establishing solid partnership.

ZOOMAX will aim to improve the competitiveness, create more value for customers, and cooperate with customers for mutual healthy development and continuous progress. We and our partners will continue to provide excellent products, service and help for low-vision users and their families. Our goal is to enable 10 million visually impaired customers in 120 countries worldwide to use ZOOMAX vision aids solution by 2040.

Our Mission

The future is brilliant and we are full of confidence. Technology is changing dramatically every day, which will impact the development of the visual assistive products accordingly. The only approach to keep a company survive is to be at the forefront of technology and persist in positive exploration and practice. Zoomax belives that people who love and understand customers can possibly create the product that customers would be fond of. Being synchronizing with the customers, Zoomax will be continue to work for providing product and service to help people with visually impairments learn efficiently, live independently, integrate into society, and realize themselves ultimately.

Zoomax USA


Established in 2018, Zoomax (USA) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zoomax Technology Co., Limited. 

Our company is located at Boston, MA, and provides sales and customer support for our customers in the USA, and its territories. For inquiries from USA region, please email to [email protected] so that the sales team can address your inquiry promptly.  For more information, please click www.zoomaxusa.com.

Toll-free: (866)887-6565
Business Day 9 am – 5 pm EST


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