About Zoomax

Since 2011, Zoomax has been committed to developing assistive technology for people with vision impairments.
Zoomax worldwide sales and service network have covered over 80 countries and 1000 cities.
There are over 30 engineers work in Zoomax who are dedicated in creating the best visual-aid product for our valuable users.


Zoomax has been designing and manufacturing and selling high tech solutions for people with low vision since 2011.  With our exceptional levels of product quality and design expertise, Zoomax is the recipient of government bids and tenders from around the world, including special projects to design brand new solutions to customer specifications.

As a company dedicated to technology for people with low vision, we are one of the few companies in the world to maintain our own factories. We invest heavily in research and development, especially in the area of portable low vision aids.  Customer demand for portable solutions for low vision has increased significantly in recent years, and Zoomax has been at the forefront of this movement. We continually strive to innovate with technology. We were the first company to introduce OCR and TTS technologies into a portable electronic video magnifier, and the first company to bring to market an augmented reality (AR) wearable device for people with low vision.

Zoomax continues to work with hundreds of leading companies and agencies worldwide and the brand is represented in more than 70 countries. Our reputation for excellence is well known and established throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan. Our dealers are professional and provide complete services.

With an international team of employees, we are passionate about what we do. With our ongoing cooperation with clinicians specializing in the field of low vision, development of the next generation of low vision solutions is already underway. The future looks bright, and we’re doing everything we can to help everyone see it as clearly as we do.

Zoomax USA

Established in 2018, Zoomax (USA) Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zoomax Technology Co., Limited. 

Our company is located at Boston, MA, and provides sales and customer support for our customers in the USA, and its territories. For inquiries from USA region, please email to [email protected] so that the sales team can address your inquiry promptly.


Vision: Better Vision

Target: We are devoted to providing the most innovative visual aid products and services.

What we do:

At Rejoin, we solve vision problems through creative technology.

Our goal is to impact 100 million people by 2025, helping customers experience a fuller life through enhanced visual abilities. Regardless of any visual disability, Rejoin offers a better way of working, studying and living through our products.

Where we are:

In China

  • Headquarter: Hangzhou


  • Branch: MA
  • Service center: MD
  • Warehouses: CA, KY, MA


  • Worldwide partners: Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, etc. (70 countries in total)

Professional and innovative partners who share passion for our vision are welcome to join us in creating a better future for customers and value for stakeholders.

History of Rejoin and Zoomax

History of Rejoin and Zoomax

Toll-free: (833)265-3324
Business Day 10 am – 6 pm EST


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