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Luna 8 Brochure Cover

Luna 8

8″Electronic Video Magnifier - Back to Basic


Snow 12

12″ Video Magnifier With Comfortable Writing Space, OCR Text-to-speech & Voice Prompt

Snow 7 HD Plus

Just Another Peaceful Day!

Snow 7 HD Plus

The First And the Only 7″ Electronic Handheld Video Magnifier with Text-to-Speech

M5 HD Plus

Change for you! - HD 5 inch Handheld Video Magnifier

Panda HD

Most Accessible 19″ Desktop Video Magnifier


Affordable 19″ Electronic Desktop Video Magnifier

Aurora HD

24″ Desktop Electronic Video Magnifier


4.3″ Electronic Handheld Video Magnifier

Mars HD

Lightest Portable Study & Work Video Magnifier

Rejoin Brief Introduction

History, domestic distribution network and service in China

Snow 10 Pro

General brochure

Snow 10 Pro

Educational brochure