What is Cone Rod Dystrophy?

color vision difficulties of cone rod dystrophy

Cone rod dystrophy is a rare hereditary eye illness that damages the cone and rod cells in the retina, causing vision loss and perhaps blindness. This article will go over cone rod dystrophy in detail, including its definition, causes, symptoms, and treatment options. We will also discuss how cone rod dystrophy affects visual acuity, the processes involved, and the special issues it offers to children and people with poor vision.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Eyes?

world no tobacco day

Smoking affects the health of large numbers of people and nearly 8 million deaths each year are related to smoking in the world. The harm of smoking is obvious and widely known and it can have direct and negative effects on the eyes and vision. The news of the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that the risk of specific eye diseases and permanent vision loss will be raised due to smoking. To make the public realize the dangers of smoking more comprehensively, the WHO therefore designated May 31st as World No Tobacco Day.

Improvement of Accessibility for People with Visual Impairment

accessibility for people with low vision

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is an annual event held on the third Thursday of May. Joe Devon, a web developer, and Jennison Asuncion, an accessibility specialist, established GAAD. They realized the need to raise awareness regarding digital accessibility and devised the notion of designating a day to do so. One important aspect of GAAD is accessibility for visually impaired people. Accessibility measures are critical for those who are blind or have limited vision to fully participate in society. Incorporating visual aids and assistive technology that improve their sense of independence and access to information is part of this.

Where is the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12?

zoomax snow 12

The eyesight situation of people with visually impaired can demonstrate in a variety of ways. However, to fit different eye conditions and meet multiple needs. Among several types of visually impaired aids, Zoomax Snow 12 has a certain reputation on the market. It’s a portable electronic video magnifier with powerful functions and can be used on a foldable stand. Many people choose it as it provides satisfying use to meet users’ demands, and people use Snow 12 in different places for their own purposes. In this read, we interviewed some of the users to figure out where the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12.

Healthy Vision Month: How Does an Eye Exam Help?

how does an eye exam help

While it can be something we all take for granted, eye health, like our overall health, is something we should all take responsibility for. The consequences of eyesight loss can be devastating, requiring significant changes to lifestyle and introducing new challenges. Even beyond the personal impact, a 2020 study estimated that globally, the cost of vision impairment is as much as $400 billion. It makes sense to do what you can to avoid vision health problems, and it makes sense for countries too given the cost, which is why Healthy Vision Month is here to support eye health and promote eye exams.

Rare Eye Disease: Have You Heard of Visual Snow Syndrome?

visual snow syndrome

Our eyes are one of the most important organs in terms of how we experience life and the world around us. But like any part of the body, they can be compromised by injury or disease, causing sight issues of varying degrees. There are a number of diseases that affect eyesight, some of which are quite rare, and Visual Snow Syndrome is one of them. While this is not a disease that means a loss of sight, it does cause a form of sight impairment. Here is everything you need to know about this rare eye disorder.

8 Tips for Adapting to Low Vision Life

positive mood to meet low vision life

Dealing with low vision life presents challenges in many ways, some obvious, some less so. However, while there are different types of low vision, one thing everyone living with low vision shares, is the challenges in adapting to the condition after it occurs. As a life changing moment, developing low vision for whatever reason means real disruption in anyone’s life, here are some ways that can make the transition to low life living less stressful.

All about Eye Infection

eye infection cause 20 200 vision

Are you accustomed to rubbing your eyes when feeling uncomfortable? When you use your hands to rub the eyes without paying attention to the hygiene conditions, the germs and viruses would get into the eyes and result in eye infection eventually. Many people don’t take eye infections seriously as they usually can be cured by properly using relevant medications in most cases. However, there are several types of eye infections and some of them may lead to severe visual problems. Read on to get more knowledge about eye infections.

Eye Hygiene: Ways to Get Brighter Vision

eye hygiene

The eyes are an important component of the body, and they, like any other organ, require adequate care and attention to work properly. With the increased use of electronic devices and extended screen time, eye hygiene is more important than ever. Apart from assisting in the prevention of eye infections, maintaining excellent eye hygiene also helps to ensure healthy eyesight and the prevention of ocular diseases. This article will go over the significance of eye hygiene, its importance, and how to maintain it.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

mother's day gift guide

Mother, a great character who gives life to us, raises us with love and never asks for anything in return, is someone we truly need to appreciate. Mothers always provide us with the best, and this is why they also deserve the best gift that we should prepare for them. Mother’s Day is coming now, and it shall be the most proper day to express gratitude and love to our beloved mothers. If you are not good at selecting gifts for mothers, don’t worry, we prepare a Mother’s Day gift guide for all types of mothers including those with visual impairment.

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