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Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier Min

Luna S

Luna S is a 4.3-inch handheld electronic magnifier upgrade from Snow video magnifier. It brings you crystal-clear images and FM radio feature in a compact body. Put Luna S in your pocket, and you are good to go: read menu, read books, listen to radio, check price tag up, everything everywhere. Luna S is a handy visual aid for everybody with low vision!

Simple and Useful

S of Luna S is for simple. This pocket-size video magnifier works directly with big, intuitive buttons. High contrast color modes, magnification from 2x to 19x, and the sharp image are all you need to read, and they are happened to be what Luna S will offer. Get Luna S in your pocket: it is your low vision solution on the go. Maps, invoices, pill bottles, receipts, mails, magazines… get Luna S to read!

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Reading Map

Voice Control

Using Luna S is simple, yet it can be even simpler: you can control it with voice command. For example, to zoom the image in, just say “big”, and the display will zoom in by a magnification level. Besides, with voice control, you can change color modes, turn the radio on/off, and more.

*The voice control uses the speech-recognition engine for English only.

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Voice Control

FM Radio

Listening to the radio is always enjoyable, whatever your eye condition is. Luna S features include FM radio. This video magnifier simplifies adjusting to your favorite station, and the clear and static-free audio will be delivered via the earphones. To listen to radio, just hold two buttons simultaneously to activate the function. Enjoy your favorite local radio stations, even without a radio!

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Voice Control


Clear Image

Luna S, taking the advanced image processor and auto-focus camera, keeps the display sharp all the time. Even in the high contrast color modes or fast movement, the image is blur-free. As Luna S is used closely on the reading material, there is no light reflection or distortion. Every word displays bigger and clear.

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Reading Newspaper


Write with Luna S

Your writing is unique and important. With the writing stand on the back of Luna S, you can write diary, sign the contract, bill or other documents. Writing stand can be folded when it’s not needed.

Luna S Electronic Video Magnifier For Low Vision - Write With Luna S


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Pocket-size
  • Carrying case and wrist grip
  • Smooth magnification adjustment
  • FM radio
  • Freeze image
  • Power saving


Weight & Dimensions

Power Adapter

Operation and Storage Condition

*Voice control is available in specific countries and regions only

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