Where is the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12?

zoomax snow 12

The eyesight situation of people with visually impaired can demonstrate in a variety of ways. However, to fit different eye conditions and meet multiple needs. Among several types of visually impaired aids, Zoomax Snow 12 has a certain reputation on the market. It’s a portable electronic video magnifier with powerful functions and can be used on a foldable stand. Many people choose it as it provides satisfying use to meet users’ demands, and people use Snow 12 in different places for their own purposes. In this read, we interviewed some of the users to figure out where the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12.

How Does Luna 6 Help People with Low Vision in Their Daily Lives?

zoomax luna 6 is easy to use

Assistive technologies such as optical magnifying aids, electronic video magnifiers, audio navigation systems, and so on, have always been helpful for people with visual impairments. You will find different categories in each type of technology. Take electronic magnifiers as an example. There are desktop video magnifiers, handheld video magnifiers, portable video magnifiers and wearable devices. According to the research, the majority of people choose the handheld unit. In this article, we collect 2 typical reviews of the Luna 6 product. Let's see how this low-vision device changes the daily life.

Top 5 Assistive Technologies for the Well-being of the Blind and Visually Impaired

assistive technologies for the well being of the blind and visually impaired

Vision loss affects people of all ages. According to the WHO, about 2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from near or distant vision impairment. Thankfully, the development of assistive technologies has caught up and the low-vision community’ s day-to-day needs are being adequately met by various kinds of low-vision assistive equipment.

What’s the Difference Between AR and VR Low-vision Electronic Glasses (E-glasses)?

ar and vr

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been incorporated into a variety of different fields -- you’re able to choose between a variety of advanced VR or AR low-vision electronic glasses (E-glasses) in a low-vision store. So, how do these two technologies differ? And how are they being applied for low vision aids?

How to choose the right low vision reading device?


As medical-grade devices, low vision aids can enhance individuals remaining eyesight and compensate for visual impairment. Magnification aids, such as optical devices or electronic magnifiers, are commonly used to meet visually impaired people’s needs. This article introduces different types of low-vision aids and how to choose the right low-vision aids for reading needs.

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