Facts About Blue Light

facts about blue light

Picture this: You've had a hard day at work or school, and now it's time to unwind. You sit down on the sofa, grab your phone, and start browsing through social media. But did you realize that your favorite digital companion might be causing hidden damage to your eyes? Let us investigate the hidden secrets underlying the alluring glow of blue light and its effect on human eyesight...

Summer Alert: Beware of UV Light!

beware of uv light

Many of us look forward to spending more time outside as summer draws near, bringing longer days and nicer weather. However, it is vital to be aware of the possible hazards associated with increased UV radiation/light exposure during this season and to take precautions to protect our eyes. While UV light has some benefits, like stimulating vitamin D production, eliminating germs, and enhancing mood, excessive exposure can cause an array of eye disorders and visual impairments. But what is UV light?

How Much Do You Know About Visual Acuity?

what is visual acuity

When everything is working well, we tend to take our eyesight for granted, so much so that if eyesight does deteriorate and we suffer mild vision loss, it can be overlooked. It is important to understand variations in eyesight to know when it is time to seek medical help, or if anyone is having vision problems, what the impact of that means to them in terms of support. The way we define that is by visual acuity.

Helen Keller’s Enlightenment -Vocational Rehabilitation for the Deafblind

vocational rehabilitation resources for the deafblind

Sometimes a condition can become entirely associated with a person who suffered from it, and one of those is the vision characteristics of Deafblind. It will be forever associated with Helen Keller, someone many of us learn about in school. This connection is used to promote awareness and understanding for people with Deafblind symptoms every year with the Hellen Keller Deafblind Awareness week, which supports the legally blind in a number of ways.

Choose the Right Eyewear to Protect Your Eyes

eyeglasses to correct visual acuity

Keeping your eyes safe is incredibly important, but whether you are looking for low vision aids or eye protection for any activity, there is an overwhelming choice when choosing eyewear. Knowing how to choose eyewear that works for you is something you do need to learn, and to help raise awareness about the importance of using the right types of eyewear, every year we have National Eyewear Day to spread the word.

Vision of People with Albinism

can albinism lead to 20 200 vision

Did you know that albinism impairs vision? The term "albinism" may conjure up images of fair complexion or light hair. However, if a person has ocular albinism, their eyes may appear and function differently, and they may need to wear special contacts or glasses. Also, that person's vision will not be fully lost, and it will not deteriorate over time. In reality, as youngsters get older, their eyesight may improve. International Albinism Awareness Day serves as a painful reminder of the difficulties that people with albinism encounter, as well as the necessity of recognizing and supporting their personal experiences.

Fireworks & Paintballs: Potential Hazards to Your Eyes

fireworks potential hazard to the eyes

The eyes are crucial organs that allow us to comprehend our surroundings and enjoy the beauty of the world. Certain actions and things in our daily lives, however, can endanger our eye health. Summer hobbies may take you anywhere, from golf to yard work, viewing fireworks or even the ER. Sadly, many such appointments are for major eye injuries. Unsurprisingly, fireworks-related incidents are the most common. It's that time of year when people start thinking about their 4th of July celebrations, which, as we all know, usually include a lot of fireworks. As a result, in addition to being Cataract Awareness Month, June is also Firework Eye Safety Month.

How Does Hypertension Affect Your Eyes?

hypertension affects the eyes

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a widespread medical disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. While the influence on heart health is well known, the link between hypertension and eye health is sometimes disregarded. Understanding the impact of high blood pressure on the eyes, on the other hand, is critical for maintaining normal visual function. Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure. One sure thing is that males have it at a greater risk compared to women (47% vs. 43%), so your gender may play a role in whether you're in danger. This danger should not be overlooked.

Develop Good Vision in Childhood: More Time for Outdoor Activities

60 minutes for children's outdoor activities

From an infant to an adult, the changes keep happening in every inch of our skin, and of course including the vision. People don’t have a clear vision as long as they were born, as it takes time to grow up. During the growth and development of children, their vision can be vulnerable and easily affected by a lot of factors. For instance, children before 7 years old are likely to get strabismus, as well as farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and amblyopia, and these situations need to be found and treated timely in order to avoid permanent vision loss. This is also why good behaviors of eye use should be fostered as soon as possible in childhood.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Eyes?

world no tobacco day

Smoking affects the health of large numbers of people and nearly 8 million deaths each year are related to smoking in the world. The harm of smoking is obvious and widely known and it can have direct and negative effects on the eyes and vision. The news of the World Health Organization (WHO) claims that the risk of specific eye diseases and permanent vision loss will be raised due to smoking. To make the public realize the dangers of smoking more comprehensively, the WHO therefore designated May 31st as World No Tobacco Day.


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