World Optometry Day: Optometry and Vision Care

world optometry day

What do you usually do when feeling uncomfortable in the eyes? A suggestion often ignored is to make an appointment with your optometrist. On March 23rd, as in the World Optometry Day, we attempt to raise awareness of the optometry and vision care, and also remind people to attach importance to optometry. This article explains how optometry works, what optometrists do, the importance of optometry, and how to care for your vision, in order to help you learn more about optometry.

6 Ways to Make Home More Accessible for People with Low Vision

6 ways to make home more accessible for people with low vision

Are you living with the visually impaired? If so, don’t let vision loss hinder independence at home. In this blog, we put together six practical ways to improve accessibility in your house. These thorough tips and ideas will enhance the safety, comfort, and independence for the individuals with poor vision at home. Read on to discover how you can modify your living space and make it more accessible today!

5 Tips for the Visually Impaired Seniors

visually impaired seniors live a happy life

Getting old is a natural process for all human beings. It’s irresistible and inevitable. Some people naturally accept aging, while others may be afraid of it. Getting old is a long-term process and it takes time. We will notice the body is no longer strong as before, and some age-related diseases appear gradually. Yet it’s not always negative to become elderly. With time going by, our knowledge, minds, and horizons widen as well. Among several impacts getting old brings, we particularly discuss the influences on seniors with low vision, and try to offer suitable activities and tips for them in this article.

The life of my mother with AMD

macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration, also known as AMD, is a common eye disease that happens among people over 50 and would lead to the loss of vision. To raise the attention of the disease and the vision loss issues, February has been defined as AMD and Vision Loss Awareness Month. Recently, Zoomax has received feedback from a user, telling about his mother’s story with age-related macular degeneration, which shall bring huge inspiration to everyone with AMD.

Aging and Eye Health: Visual Impairment and Preventive Measures

aging and eye health

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and it affects our bodies in many ways. Our eyes are no exception. Any eye condition that results in poor vision has the potential to harm our safety, independence, and quality of life, and affects our ability to drive, read, and even recognize faces. This article will explore the preventive measures that we can take to maintain good eye health and clear vision.

How to Prevent Eye Injuries and Vision Loss in the Workplace?

how to prevent eye injuries and vision loss in the workplace

No matter whether flying debris or chemical splashes, any exposure to dangerous activities may lead to eye injuries and vision loss. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent eye. Do you want to know more about eye injury prevention? If yes, keep reading because in this blog we are going to talk about what you need to know about eye injuries in the workplace.

Low Vision Life: My Good Start to the New Semester

2023 back to school season

2023 back-to-school season, a fresh new start to the new semester! Are you ready to go back to school, meeting your teachers and classmates? Students with low vision situation might confront more difficulties in school, but there are always solutions for easier learning and playing. If you are a student confused with low vision problems, Daniel and Olivia’s stories may give you some inspiration.

2023 New Semester: Checklist for Vision Loss Prevention and Eye Health

eye exam for students (2)

It’s time to go Back to School! Preserving strong eye health is vital in preventing vision loss, which can significantly impact students’ quality of life and academic endeavours. This article delves into the subject of preventing vision loss and maintaining ocular health in-depth, providing strategies to manage the effects of sight decline. By taking these preventative steps, students can safeguard their vision and promote long-term ocular wellness. Additionally, what specific steps can be taken to counter vision loss for visually impaired students? No need to worry, we will explore all of that as well.

Prospects of 2023: Zoomax, Give Me a Clear Vision for Future

new year 2023

Most people have new hopes and wishes when the New Year begins. Andy has his one, too. As a boy with vision loss, Andy had a hard time in the past. But sooner later, he benefited from low vision aids greatly. What type of video magnifier does he use? What did he discover when using visual aids? What is his prospect in 2023? Here comes the dialogue between Andy and Zoomax, sharing all the answers you may be interested in. You will be inspired if you take a few minutes to read it.

New Year,Let Us Keep Healthy - Exercises for the Low Vision

exercises for the low vision

Happy New Year! 2023 is coming finally. Did you travel, enjoy meals and movies with your loved ones during the New Year holiday? Did you keep doing exercises? What types of exercises are suitable for the visual impairments as you know? This read is going to share some ideas and tips, which could be definitely helpful for everyone with low vision.

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