2023 New Semester: Checklist for Vision Loss Prevention and Eye Health

eye exam for students (2)

It’s time to go Back to School! Preserving strong eye health is vital in preventing vision loss, which can significantly impact students’ quality of life and academic endeavours. This article delves into the subject of preventing vision loss and maintaining ocular health in-depth, providing strategies to manage the effects of sight decline. By taking these preventative steps, students can safeguard their vision and promote long-term ocular wellness. Additionally, what specific steps can be taken to counter vision loss for visually impaired students? No need to worry, we will explore all of that as well.

Prospects of 2023: Zoomax, Give Me a Clear Vision for Future

new year 2023

Most people have new hopes and wishes when the New Year begins. Andy has his one, too. As a boy with vision loss, Andy had a hard time in the past. But sooner later, he benefited from low vision aids greatly. What type of video magnifier does he use? What did he discover when using visual aids? What is his prospect in 2023? Here comes the dialogue between Andy and Zoomax, sharing all the answers you may be interested in. You will be inspired if you take a few minutes to read it.

New Year,Let Us Keep Healthy - Exercises for the Low Vision

exercises for the low vision

Happy New Year! 2023 is coming finally. Did you travel, enjoy meals and movies with your loved ones during the New Year holiday? Did you keep doing exercises? What types of exercises are suitable for the visual impairments as you know? This read is going to share some ideas and tips, which could be definitely helpful for everyone with low vision.

Eye Strain? It’s Time to Take Good Care of Your Eye

eye strain

Do you use phone, computer, watch TV or work indoors every day? Is there a moment you feel eye strain strongly and just need to close your eyes for a break? If your answer is all "yes", this article will be helpful for you to understand more about eye strain and how to protect your eyes. Additionally, people with low vision conditions will get the tips of avoiding eye strain as well.

Hey, Santa is Coming for Vision: Christmas Gift for You

sanra's gift for low vision

Christmas is a time for gathering with families and loved ones, having fun, and doing things everyone enjoys. We look forward to Christmas more and more each year. Even those with vision impairments should be able to take pleasure in all of these activities on par with everyone else. We interview some people who have low-vision family members, let us look at their stories and plans for the forthcoming Christmas season!


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