2023 New Semester: Checklist for Vision Loss Prevention and Eye Health

It’s time to go Back to School! Preserving strong eye health is vital in preventing vision loss, which can significantly impact students’ quality of life and academic endeavors. This article delves into the subject of preventing vision loss and maintaining ocular health in-depth, providing strategies to manage the effects of sight decline. By taking these preventative steps, students can safeguard their vision and promote long-term ocular wellness. Additionally, what specific steps can be taken to counter vision loss for visually impaired students? No need to worry, we will explore all of that as well.

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Common Causes of Vision Loss Among Students

1. Occasional Eye Injuries

It is an unfortunate reality that students are at risk of suffering from vision loss as a result of occasional eye injuries. These injuries can stem from a plethora of sources, such as sports and other physical pursuits, chemical exposure, and even certain types of infections. In order to safeguard against these injuries, students must take necessary precautions, such as wearing protective eyewear, such as safety glasses or goggles, during activities that pose a threat to the eyes. Furthermore, students should exercise caution when handling chemicals or other potentially hazardous materials, and seek medical attention promptly if they experience any symptoms indicative of an eye infection.

2. Excessive Screen Time

The prolonged use of electronic screens has become a growing concern for the visual well-being of students. Indulging in extended sessions in front of computers, smartphones, or other digital devices can result in a range of vision-related challenges, such as eye strain, dry eyes, and even blurred vision. These symptoms can impede the ability of students to perform well in their academic pursuits and can also have a detrimental effect on their overall quality of life.

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3. Utilizing Abundant Eye Drops

The overuse of eye drops has become a prevalent cause of vision loss among students. Excessive use of eye drops may lead to rebound redness and eye irritation, which can impede one’s ability to study and perform well academically. Students must use eye drops only as directed by a medical professional or as instructed by the product label. Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid using expired or contaminated eye drops, as they can cause infections or allergic reactions, further compromising one’s vision and overall health.

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4. Improper Contact Lens Usage  

The misuse of contact lenses has become a prevalent cause of vision loss among students. These medical devices, when not worn and cared for appropriately, can cause damage to one's vision and overall health. To prevent vision loss caused by improper contact lens usage, it is essential for students to strictly adhere to the instructions provided by their eye care professionals and to replace their lenses as instructed. Furthermore, students must avoid sleeping in their contacts and must clean properly and disinfect them before each use, to ensure their safety and efficacy.

How to Prevent Vision Loss and Keep Eyesight Healthy

As we have mentioned, by being mindful of the proper usage of eye drops and practicing proper contact lens hygiene, students can safeguard their vision. The following is a list of eye-health guidelines that should be followed to lower the danger of developing visual impairment.

how to prevent vision loss and keep eyesight healthy

1. Wear Protective Glasses and Safety Goggles

The use of safety glasses or goggles is an effective means of preventing vision loss caused by occasional eye injuries. These protective barriers protect the eyes from flying debris and other potentially harmful materials, reducing the risk of ocular damage. There is a necessity for individuals to wear safety glasses or goggles when participating in activities that may pose a risk to their eyes, such as sports, woodworking, or using power tools. This preventative measure can allow those with 20/20 vision to prolong their eyesight without the need for additional aid.

2. Take Regular Screen Breaks

To mitigate the risks of excessive screen time, it is essential for students to take regular breaks from screens and to maintain a comfortable distance between their eyes and the screen. Additionally, adjusting the brightness and contrast settings on electronic devices can help reduce glare and keep eyes hydrated with the use of eye drops. Breaks will not only allow for less strain on the eyes but also help you sleep better (due to less blue light) which is another contributing factor to healthy eyes.

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3. Maintain Routine Eye Exams

eye examThe importance of regular eye exams in maintaining good eye health and preventing vision loss cannot be overstated. These examinations, conducted by an eye care professional, provide a comprehensive assessment of one's vision and ocular health, including the identification of any potential issues that may require treatment or lifestyle adjustments. It is recommended to have a comprehensive eye exam at least annually, however, for individuals with existing eye conditions or a family history of eye disease, more frequent examinations may be necessary to ensure optimal eye health.

4. Sleep Well and Maintain Eye-healthy Diet

Sleep contributes a very important role in maintaining overall health, including eye health, which cannot be overstated. Adequate rest allows the eyes to repair and rejuvenate themselves, promoting long-term ocular wellness. A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables, which are abundant in essential nutrients for eye health, also plays a critical role in maintaining good vision. Studies have revealed that incorporating foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids, may assist in reducing the risk of age-related vision loss. By prioritizing proper sleep and a nutritious diet, individuals can take proactive steps to safeguard their vision as well as ensure other parts of the body remain up to par.

Special Tips for Blind and Low-Vision Students at School

The maintenance of good eye health and the provision of necessary support to visually impaired students is crucial for their academic success. This includes the provision of low-vision aids, assistive technology, and necessary accommodations in the classroom to ensure equal opportunities for all students.

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1. Talk with the Special Education Director

health centerBlind or low-vision students often face unique challenges in their academic pursuits, and they must have access to the necessary support and accommodations to succeed. One of the most important steps that can be taken is to consult with the special education director or other school officials to discuss their needs and devise a plan for addressing them. As a visually impaired student, having the appropriate low-vision equipment for reading and learning, at the start of each semester, is essential for academic success. With the appropriate resources, such as enlarged print materials, and assistive technology such as screen readers or magnifiers, students can have a more effective and efficient study experience. The right help and support can empower visually impaired students to reach their full potential.

2. Get Familiar with the Campus and Classes in Advance

Familiarizing oneself with the campus and classes before the start of the school year is of paramount importance. This includes not only familiarizing oneself with the location of classes, restrooms, and other key buildings on campus but also becoming familiar with the layout of classrooms. This will enable students to navigate the campus and attend classes with ease, and it will also foster a sense of comfort and confidence in their new surroundings. By taking the time to become familiar with the layout and logistics of the campus, blind or low-vision students can approach the school year with a sense of empowerment and readiness, allowing them to fully engage in the day’s activities.

3. Prepare Low-vision aids Beforehand 

Acesight VRProper preparation for the new semester is key to ensuring a successful academic experience. This includes having the appropriate low-vision aids to promote highly effective study. Such items include magnifiers, electronic reading devices, or other forms of assistive technology. The best approach is to have the appropriate low-vision aids ready before the start of the school year. One such is the Zoomax Snow 12, which is among the most sought-after low-vision technologies in the school. The technology is an economical solution that presents itself in a variety of configurations, specifically designed to meet the individual needs of students. Its indirect functionality and simple operation are more suitable for people with limited eyesight, whether they're younger or elderly, to provide an intuitive user experience. Another, relatively new, addition of low-vision technologies in school is low-vision E-glasses, such as Acesight, Acesight VR. They use a handset embedded in the screen to provide an immersive experience for the user. These low-vision E-glasses can help individuals with low vision, even those with visual acuity between 20/100 and 20/600 and a field of view angle of 10 degrees, gain visual independence. They function similarly to binoculars, simulating the surrounding environment and stimulating remaining photoreceptors to gather more visual information and improve overall visual function.

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It is of utmost importance to test these devices and equipment in advance to ensure they are functioning optimally and to become familiar with their use. By taking the time to prepare and familiarize themselves with these tools, legally blind or sight-loss students can approach the new school year with confidence.


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