How Can Stem Cells Help Low Vision?

stem cell culture grown

Stem cell therapy is an exceptional intervention that can help patients avoid the alternative and risks of retinal surgery-- it helps create new retinal pigment cells that help low-vision individuals restore their vision and prevent potential blindness. The article will discuss how stem cells are preferred over high-tech solutions to help the visually impaired integrate into a sighted world.

6 Key Things about Cataract Surgery

cataracts 1

We usually take our human sight for granted. However, some diseases affect our eyesight and it's important to know about them. A cataract is one such disease. Cataracts will lead to blurred vision and eventually, you may experience blindness. Cataract surgery can rectify the situation. In this article, we will chat briefly about cataracts and 6 key things you should know about cataract surgery.

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