Eye Strain? It’s Time to Take Good Care of Your Eye

eye strain

Do you use phone, computer, watch TV or work indoors every day? Is there a moment you feel eye strain strongly and just need to close your eyes for a break? If your answer is all "yes", this article will be helpful for you to understand more about eye strain and how to protect your eyes. Additionally, people with low vision conditions will get the tips of avoiding eye strain as well.

Hey, Santa is Coming for Vision: Christmas Gift for You

sanra's gift for low vision

Christmas is a time for gathering with families and loved ones, having fun, and doing things everyone enjoys. We look forward to Christmas more and more each year. Even those with vision impairments should be able to take pleasure in all of these activities on par with everyone else. We interview some people who have low-vision family members, let us look at their stories and plans for the forthcoming Christmas season!

How Can Stem Cells Help Low Vision?

stem cell culture grown

Stem cell therapy is an exceptional intervention that can help patients avoid the alternative and risks of retinal surgery-- it helps create new retinal pigment cells that help low-vision individuals restore their vision and prevent potential blindness. The article will discuss how stem cells are preferred over high-tech solutions to help the visually impaired integrate into a sighted world.

6 Key Things about Cataract Surgery

cataracts 1

We usually take our human sight for granted. However, some diseases affect our eyesight and it's important to know about them. A cataract is one such disease. Cataracts will lead to blurred vision and eventually, you may experience blindness. Cataract surgery can rectify the situation. In this article, we will chat briefly about cataracts and 6 key things you should know about cataract surgery.

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