Why are Women at Higher Risk of Eye Disease?

amd influences women's vision

Over the last 20 years, research has revealed that females are at a considerably greater risk of visual alterations, impairment, and loss than men. In actuality, women have a 12% higher risk of losing their vision than men do. According to the National Eye Institute, women make up two-thirds of people worldwide with visual impairment or blindness. Though significant eye disorders are not exclusive to women, they might have different and more severe impacts on their vision than males. So, why are women at higher risk of eye disease?

How to Protect the Eyes When Playing Sports?

eye injury caused by basketball

Our eyes are one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, whether working on a vehicle or playing sports it is crucial we protect them properly. Playing sports can leave anyone at risk of eye injury, and with around 13,500 people a year suffering vision loss from sports related eye injuries, ensuring your eyes are protected is essential. But what do you need to look for when thinking about sports eye safety, and what kind of injury must we prevent?

What is CVI: Things We Should Know

vision loss among children

Vision loss happens in a variety of types. Some people lose their peripheral vision, some may suffer from central vision loss, while some may see smudges in their field of view. However, partial eyesight loss is not the only form of visual impairment. There is a vision problem related to the brain which will cause trouble with literacy. This brain-related visual impairment is common in children and the process of diagnosis and treatment is complicated. The read aims to introduce this vision problem in order to help more kids get early intervention.

How Does Luna 6 Help People with Low Vision in Their Daily Lives?

zoomax luna 6 is easy to use

Assistive technologies such as optical magnifying aids, electronic video magnifiers, audio navigation systems, and so on, have always been helpful for people with visual impairments. You will find different categories in each type of technology. Take electronic magnifiers as an example. There are desktop video magnifiers, handheld video magnifiers, portable video magnifiers and wearable devices. According to the research, the majority of people choose the handheld unit. In this article, we collect 2 typical reviews of the Luna 6 product. Let's see how this low-vision device changes the daily life.

Save Your Vision: Checklist for Eye Health

eye health

Vision, the most important function of the eyes, is the key to observing the shapes, the colors, and the beauty of the world. We see the world through our eyes, and the vision makes the world open to us. However, the eyes are vulnerable as well. They can be affected by aging or diseases, which would lead to vision loss or even blindness. In this case, caring for the eyes and the vision every day could somehow guarantee we stay in touch with the beautiful world.

Do You Know These Hazards to the Eyes in Your Workplace?

hazards to the eyes in the outdoor workplace

Have you ever calculated how many hours you often spend in your workplace every day? Some people may answer they stay in the office for 8 hours a day. Some may usually travel on the way to their customers. Whatever job you are doing currently, there are usually potential hazards to the eyes in your workplace. To raise the awareness of such hazards and remind the employers and employees to pay high attention to the eye care, March has been defined as Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

World Optometry Day: Optometry and Vision Care

world optometry day

What do you usually do when feeling uncomfortable in the eyes? A suggestion often ignored is to make an appointment with your optometrist. On March 23rd, as in the World Optometry Day, we attempt to raise awareness of the optometry and vision care, and also remind people to attach importance to optometry. This article explains how optometry works, what optometrists do, the importance of optometry, and how to care for your vision, in order to help you learn more about optometry.

6 Ways to Make Home More Accessible for People with Low Vision

6 ways to make home more accessible for people with low vision

Are you living with the visually impaired? If so, don’t let vision loss hinder independence at home. In this blog, we put together six practical ways to improve accessibility in your house. These thorough tips and ideas will enhance the safety, comfort, and independence for the individuals with poor vision at home. Read on to discover how you can modify your living space and make it more accessible today!

5 Tips for the Visually Impaired Seniors

visually impaired seniors live a happy life

Getting old is a natural process for all human beings. It’s irresistible and inevitable. Some people naturally accept aging, while others may be afraid of it. Getting old is a long-term process and it takes time. We will notice the body is no longer strong as before, and some age-related diseases appear gradually. Yet it’s not always negative to become elderly. With time going by, our knowledge, minds, and horizons widen as well. Among several impacts getting old brings, we particularly discuss the influences on seniors with low vision, and try to offer suitable activities and tips for them in this article.

How Much Do You Know about Stargardt Disease?

how much do you know about stargardt disease

Stargardt disease (STGD) is a genetic eye condition that affects approximately 1 in 8,000 to 10,000 people worldwide. Often diagnosed in adolescents and young adults, Stargardt disease would result in progressive vision loss, such as blurred vision, central vision loss, and difficulties with the perception of color. In this blog, we will explore the causes and symptoms of Stargardt disease and the treatment options for this condition.

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