How Do People Lose Their Peripheral Vision?

how do people lose their peripheral vision

One of the major misconceptions about visual impairments is that it means someone cannot see at all. In fact, while many people with vision problems will be said to have 20/200 vision, the actual range of sight issues they have can vary quite considerably. For some people it may mean complete loss of sight, but for others, it can mean a wide range of issues that severely restrict their vision in different ways. One of the more common of those is peripheral vision loss, which is often referred to as tunnel vision. But what is peripheral vision, what causes the loss, and how can we prevent it?

Read Books to Relieve the Stress of Vision Loss

read books to relieve the stress of vision loss

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures, whether you are learning something new or being transported into a fictional world, it has an ability to expand your life in so many ways. There have always been challenges for low vision people to read books and other written materials, but with the availability of assistive technology for the visually impaired, most can be overcome today.

What is Sjogren's Syndrome?

what is sjogren's syndrome

Step into a world where blinking feels like sandpaper and every sip of water is a transient refuge. This is the world of Sjogren's syndrome, an emerging frontier in the world of eye health where an apparently innocuous illness orchestrates an eruption of agony.

The Importance of Protecting Children’s Vision

the importance of protecting children's vision

At any age, vision is an incredibly important aspect of our lives, but children today face some unique challenges that previous generations have not really faced in quite the same way. As a result, they need extra care with their vision as they develop, because problems that begin here will continue, and likely worsen, as they progress through life.

Facts About Blue Light

facts about blue light

Picture this: You've had a hard day at work or school, and now it's time to unwind. You sit down on the sofa, grab your phone, and start browsing through social media. But did you realize that your favorite digital companion might be causing hidden damage to your eyes? Let us investigate the hidden secrets underlying the alluring glow of blue light and its effect on human eyesight...

Summer Alert: Beware of UV Light!

beware of uv light

Many of us look forward to spending more time outside as summer draws near, bringing longer days and nicer weather. However, it is vital to be aware of the possible hazards associated with increased UV radiation/light exposure during this season and to take precautions to protect our eyes. While UV light has some benefits, like stimulating vitamin D production, eliminating germs, and enhancing mood, excessive exposure can cause an array of eye disorders and visual impairments. But what is UV light?

How Much Do You Know About Visual Acuity?

what is visual acuity

When everything is working well, we tend to take our eyesight for granted, so much so that if eyesight does deteriorate and we suffer mild vision loss, it can be overlooked. It is important to understand variations in eyesight to know when it is time to seek medical help, or if anyone is having vision problems, what the impact of that means to them in terms of support. The way we define that is by visual acuity.

Helen Keller’s Enlightenment -Vocational Rehabilitation for the Deafblind

vocational rehabilitation resources for the deafblind

Sometimes a condition can become entirely associated with a person who suffered from it, and one of those is the vision characteristics of Deafblind. It will be forever associated with Helen Keller, someone many of us learn about in school. This connection is used to promote awareness and understanding for people with Deafblind symptoms every year with the Hellen Keller Deafblind Awareness week, which supports the legally blind in a number of ways.

Choose the Right Eyewear to Protect Your Eyes

eyeglasses to correct visual acuity

Keeping your eyes safe is incredibly important, but whether you are looking for low vision aids or eye protection for any activity, there is an overwhelming choice when choosing eyewear. Knowing how to choose eyewear that works for you is something you do need to learn, and to help raise awareness about the importance of using the right types of eyewear, every year we have National Eyewear Day to spread the word.


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