Review from Winner of M5 Video Magnifier

Handheld Video Magnifier M5 via campaign winner Kirsty McSorley-Hayes


Sorry for the delay in my review of the Zoomax M5. My family and I have all been unwell with the flu.

I was really excited to receive my #Zoomax #M5.

Charged it overnight, and took it to my mosaic class the next morning. It was amazing to be able to recognise the spaces in my work, up close.

Later that day took it too the shops and I was able to view prices and labels I hadn't seen in years.

But my best overall experience was having my son bring home a letter from school, and being able to read it myself.

Thank you so much #Zoomax Technology for helping me bring everyday reading back to life.

Thank you.

Kirsty McSorley-Hayes

#pleasenote photos will be sent asap.

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Toll-free: (833)265-3324
Business Day 10 am – 6 pm EST


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