I Love How Simple M5 Is for Him to Use

Boy using Zoomax touch handheld video magnifier to read and do homework

Feedback of Zoomax handheld video magnifier M5, via Samantha Smith


We have had the Zoomax M5 (a 5″ touch handheld video magnifier) for about a week now. The Zoomax is for my 8 years old son. His favorite things about the Zoomax M5 is how much it zooms in and how big the screen is. It makes it so much easier to read and do homework. He also loves how long the battery lasts. After the first charge we didn't have to charge it for days. He doesn't really like how dark the screen is when its in the long distance view more. It makes it hard to see even if you take a picture and zoom in on it.

As a parent watching their child use the device, I love how simple it is for him to use. I just showed him where the buttons are and how it worked one time and he became totally independent with it.

The Zoomax M5 is a really great tool. It is helping my son be more independent and helping him read on his own again.

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