Light in the Dark

People learn most about the world by what they see and what they hear no matter how old they are. Eyes are the window of heart, especially for the children. But when a child is visually impaired, the amount of visual information she or he can receive can be limited and it can often be interpreted inaccurately. Then that heart window may be closed gradually. It was the situation that Ben, a 9-year-old boy used to be.

Ben was born to be vision impaired. He became unhappy and always stayed at dark room alone after he knew the truth.

"I’d like to do all the things I can to help him go out of that dark room."

His mother worried. Yes, she does. She concerns different vision therapies and experiences low vision products all the time. Then one day, Ben’s mother took "Capture", a handheld video magnifier to his room and was out with Ben smiling.

"I really appreciate for the light Capture brings for Ben in the dark. It ensures he makes the best use of his residual vision. I think he performs better than we expect and has the same quality of life as any other child. Capture what he wants to capture."

From Ben's mother

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