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Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier Snow

Anna, 76 years old from Canada is a hypertensive patient and has been using medicines for many years to against hypertensive. As the years passing, her eyesight is not as good as before since she is high myopia. Every time when she takes medicine, she needs to put the medicine bottle in front of her eyes very closely, almost sticking to her eyes. And she insists to doing things alone even after doctor warns her low vision several times.

In order to help her take the right medicine without mistake, her daughter chooses the Zoomax product "Snow", handheld video magnifier which is specially designed for and easily operated by aging people. Now, with the great help of assistive technology Snow, Anna can not only take the right medicine, but continue her reading habit anytime. She describes "Snow" like a brush which cleans the blur in front of her to let her enjoy the life again.

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