Zoomax - A strong performer in the ATIA 2016

Zoomax displayed the video magnifiers in the ATIA 2016

Zoomax displayed video magnifier in distinguished low vision exhibition ATIA 2016

Customers always could see Zoomax and their excellent products in ATIA Orlando every year, this year is no exception.

During this year's ATIA show in Orlando, our best seller handheld video magnifier Snow 7 HD is as eye-catching as ever. What is particularly worth mentioning is the handheld video magnifier M5-latest low vision aids won the applause from customers and dealers for its lightweight and excellent image. As for our desktop video magnifiers, Aurora HD is still a superstar. The high quality and affordable prices of our new product desktop type electronic magnifier Panda HD also received lots of attention.

It's our pleasure to meet plenty of friends in ATIA every year. As always, at Zoomax we are extremely grateful to the support and feedback provided from valued customers and distributors.

See you next year in ATIA Orlando 2017!

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