19″ HD Desktop Electronic Magnifier Panda HD Receives Good Comments From Schools

The School of SMP Negeri 226 Jakarta, Indonesia was awarded a 19″ HD desktop electronic magnifier Panda HD thanks to lovely Cecilia Aloina Sembiring for trying hard to get likes in facebook contest "You Are Not Alone - Win Total $9000 Video Magnifiers for More Low Vision People Reading".

The photo below shows one of the vision impaired student Dimas trying Panda HD. After the trial, some of the students said they like this Compact HD desktop video magnifier(CCTV) because it's elegant and futuristic design. Panda HD is easy to control from beginning. Crisp image it provides at all levels makes this device could really assist students' reading and learning. They offered us a sincere feedback.

One of the vision impaired student Dimas trying Panda HD

One of the vision impaired student Dimas trying Panda HD

As the individual winner of the activity "You Are Not Alone - Win Total $9000 Video Magnifiers for More Low Vision People Reading", Cecilia Aloina Sembiring has won a 4.3″ handheld video magnifier Snow for free.

"Here is my photo with snow. i am really happy to receive it. it is really useful and handy."

said Cecelia

"Panda HD received for the school is very easy to use and of course may help those students with vision impaired."

Her full feedback is posted here.

Winner Cecelia with her handheld video magnifier Zoomax Snow

Zoomax always do our best helping those people with visual impairments. We are happy to see people with low vision could enjoy reading with our products. If you are from organization or school, you can also request DEMO Presentation or free support through here: https://www.zoomax.com/links.html

As one of our hot products, Panda HD is always well received by schools and institutions. If you are interested in Panda HD, you can see more details here: https://www.zoomax.com/low-vision-products/desktop-video-magnifier-Panda-HD-full-page-reading.html

If you or your family member want something classic and good for mobile, you can check 4.3″ handheld video magnifier Snow: https://www.zoomax.com/low-vision-products/4-3-inch-handheld-video-magnifier-snow.html or our latest product with 2HD and touch features M5: http://www.zoomax.com/low-vision-products/First-2HD-Design-Handheld-Video-Magnifier-M5.html

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