Community Access Center Received Zoomax M5 HD Plus

CAC staff trying Zoomax M5 HD Plus connected with a monitor

Community Access Center (CAC), an independent living center located in California, received Zoomax M5 HD Plus as a Zoomax Better Vision Program participator.

Different from the other communities joining the donation program, CAC serves a vast range of people with various disabilities instead of exclusive service for visual impairment, and among them the majority of the visually impaired staff and clients either fully blind or near-blind. Sighted staff in charge was taught before they could use it in the field. The electronic magnifier M5 HD Plus received great repute from the Mr. Luke Hsieh, assistive technology advocate in CAC. Full comments were posted here, responses to some questions which might be asked as well by people not engaged in low vision field included.

Visually impaired residents in Riverside County can try Zoomax M5 HD Plus in CAC.

Related information:

Community Access Center - CAC has been providing services to people with disabilities in Riverside County since 1995. The mission of CAC is to empower persons with disabilities to control their own lives, create an accessible community and advocate to achieve complete social, economic, and political integration. Four CAC offices are located in Riverside, Menifee, Palm Desert, and Desert Hot Springs.

Toll-free: (833)265-3324
Business Day 10 am – 6 pm EST


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