Hey, Santa is Coming for Vision: Christmas Gift for You

sanra's gift for low visionChristmas is a time for gathering with families and loved ones, having fun, and doing things everyone enjoys. We look forward to Christmas more and more each year. Even those with vision impairments should be able to take pleasure in all of these activities on par with everyone else. We interview some people who have low-vision family members, let us look at their stories and plans for the forthcoming Christmas season!

Eyesight Loss, Love Forever: Andrew and His Dad’s Story

“My boy, my eyesight...I...”

Andrew picked up the call and his father seemed to tell something but was silent. He felt something had happened to his father.

Actually, Andrew’s father was diagnosed with chronic open-angle glaucoma (COAG) last year. He returned to the community where he had grown up to care for his father. But he told us, his family has a memorable Christmas season last year.

“My father is a retired teacher. He is the type of person that never loses passion for doing many things, but sight loss stops him.”

Andrew learned that visual impairment negatively impacts an individual’s psychosocial status and health-related quality of life. Especially for older adults with vision loss, who are more at risk of experiencing depressive symptoms and have poorer mental health than their sighted peers. In addition to hair graying, hair loss, and skin wrinkles, eyesight loss is a natural part of the aging process. 

Andrew wished he could do something to change his father – as he felt that his father was not in good, was aging, and lost interest.

“I love my father, it’s time for me to do more for my father, who was Santa Claus to me when I was a kid.”

gift for father

Last year, Andrew prepared Zoomax AR low-vision glasses as his Christmas present for his father. Andrew believed that any older person are still an individuals, and they value independence and dignity in the same ways that young people do.

“The best part, you know, is that my father joined us in doing all of these tasks with the assistant of Acesight S. He did a great job in his position and discovered that, despite his visual loss, he still could do lots of things. My father used it every time he went out.”

do crafting together with seniorsAndrew’s family spent time together decorating the house, preparing the meal, and visiting the city’s Christmas markets, having warm and inviting memory. Additionally, his daughter made a Christmas letter for her grandfather, which her father framed and displayed in the living room.

“I have to say, assistive technology helps a lot! In the beginning, my father didn’t believe AR tech could let him recover sight. Now, he is very used to using this type of product. What a relief to let him recover his eyesight!”

Andrew informed us that he has already made plans for this year's Christmas season -- drive to Key West has been scheduled. With the assistance of Acesight, he is certain that his father would enjoy the upcoming Christmas holiday.

“Zoomax’s low vision products are always the best Christmas presents for those who experienced temporary or permanent visual impairment,” Andrew said, and he recommended Zoomax products to other families with members who had vision impairments, believing that they would be the best presents as Santa prepared to those with low vision.

Vision Loss, Little Snag: Andy, Be the helmsman of Destiny

Assume you have a successful career, a team of your own, or a business. How would you feel if you woke up one day and discovered your eyesight is lost? What would you do? Andy is one of them.

As a semi-retired business professional, Andy describes himself as an efficient and rigorous person, and now he is living alone in his apartment. As the retina becomes less sensitive to light, Andy found it difficult to read in low light and distinguish low-contrast objects from each other.

“I began to experience vision loss when I was around 50 years old, which is inevitable. However, I definitely believe that technology may assist us in resolving issues with vision loss. At least for now, I have been able to employ assistive technology to resolve the difficulty that sight loss causes in my daily life or at work.”

For work-related reasons, he must read many business-related materials every day. He had brought several different visual aids for himself.

“I’ve gotten used to living alone. Although my vision loss affects me in many ways, I still hope I can maintain my independent living. Of course, I'd be worried about upsetting my kids or having my clients question my professionalism because of my eyesight.”

andy's family

His daughter sent him a portable low-vision device, Snow 12 for Christmas last year. He took Snow 12 on his business trip since he intended to see customers on the West Coast over the holiday season. He remembers that the first time he used Snow 12 was while flying.

“I’m quite choosy when it comes to low-vision things because not every item works well for me. Snow 12, though, is just what I want.”

Snow 12 has become Andy’s best partner for the home office or business trips. Andy has plans to visit his son and daughter who live in a different city for this year’s Christmas break.

“When the kids were little, we had a Christmastime family tradition of cooking Christmas cookies together. It's been a while since our family gathered to prepare a Christmas meal. I want to carry on that tradition with my family this year, and I believe Snow 12 will be useful to me in that regard—for instance, when I need to look up recipes.”

andy's family 2

Andy is looking forward to the forthcoming Christmas break. He has already planned Christmas presents for their children and grandchildren, and he even bought a Santa Claus outfit to keep his family happy since the holidays are one of the few occasions for families to gather together.

“My mind immediately goes to Zoomax products when I'm trying to decide what to get for an old friend who also has visual issues.”

This year, Andy was going to preorder the newly presented Zoomax Luna HD 24 Pro as a Christmas present for his old friend. “Sight loss is inevitable, especially after you turn 50, or 60. But it’s not terrible, technology will help us. Now, I have Zommax.” Andy is sure that his friend would like his gift!

Andy concluded by saying that Zoomax’s low vision aids are wonderful gifts for those with low vision because they help them live independently and more fully appreciate life.

sanra's gifts' from zoomax

Santa’s Annual Gifts for the Visually Impaired

Soon it will be Christmas -- nothing better than receiving a selected thoughtful and practical Christmas gift. Choose one of Zoomax's low-vision goods as a Christmas gift for a family member or friend who is visually impaired, and all of you would undoubtedly have a memorable Christmas season!

Zoomax’s products have a selection of portable, small low-vision devices that individuals with vision loss could utilize throughout the holiday break. Such devices include Acesight and Acesight S. The Acesight AR series assures users could enjoying Christmas travel freely and safely, regardless of whether visiting a local Christmas Market, going on a trip with family, or visiting friends – open design and panoramic view ensure that users can take in various sights during Christmas like a sighted person.

watch movies with familyIf you want to bring your family together for a warm and easy indoor-oriented Christmas holiday, some portable or handheld low-vision products can also assist you. Specifically, when baking Christmas cookies or decorating Christmas trees with your family, you can use handheld electronic video magnifiers like the Luna 6 or Luna S; Acesight VR is suggested if you want to watch Christmas movies with your family—many families have this tradition. As for its full-coved design, the brightness of the image is not impacted by the outside light and the visuals of Acesight VR are superb even in a generally gloomy setting.

christmas movies

Sight loss is not a limitation, you can always trust that high-tech low-vision aids restore your vision and enable your holiday plans to be enjoyable and meaningful. Wrapping gifts, baking Christmas cookies, and enjoying a traditional Christmas meal with your family heritage on Christmas Eve are all possible!

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