Are You Sure Kids' Safety at Halloween?

Happy Halloween To Everyone Zoomax
Are You Sure Kids' Safety at Halloween?

For most of children, Halloween is a fun time with fantastic costumes and lots of candies. Everyone wishes to be happy during the holiday. But are your kids really safe, especially children who have low vision? Check the following items and keep your kids stay away from those dangerous.

- Can they see?

Do your kids wear the costumes that may block their vision, such as floppy hats, wigs, eye patches, and masks? Avoiding uncomfortable and irritated decoration is necessary.

- Can they walk?

Do they ware unfitted boots, long cape, or other decorations which may cause them trap or fall? A fitted costume and proper use are the guarantee of safety.

- Can they be seen?

Is the road visible and free for your kids and also are your kids visible for others at night? Carrying the flashlight or wearing clothing with reflective patches is a good choice.

- What are in their hands?

Are there any pointed or sharp swords, spear or decorations around your kids? Be careful and don't let them harm your or other kids' eyes.

- Play together.

Don't let your kid treat-or-trick alone. Younger kid and children who are visually impaired should be followed by an adult while treat-or-treating.

- Traffic issue.

Obey all traffic signals. Stay away from strange or heavy traffic areas.

- Candies.

It's better for kids to eat candy after parents check all items they get which may mixed with other things.

You can check more information on the website of Prevent Blindness America.

Having a safe and happy Halloween is what everybody wishes. So keep safety in mind and enjoy Halloween!

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