New Developing Contact Lenses Could Help Blind People “See”

Israeli researchers headed by Prof. Zeev Zalevsky at Israel’s Bar Ilan University are developing a contact lens for the blind. These contact lenses could translate images into sensations felt on the eye using small electric impulses.

The system of the contactlenses works complicatedly. The image taken by a smartphone is sent to contact lenses, which has been fitted with a series of electrodes that will use small electric impulses to mechanically relay shapes onto the cornea, almost like braille.Then the image gets translated into a tactile sensation that can be interpreted visually for the blind.

The project isstill in a prototype stage and needs to go through full clinical trials before launching into the market. If successful, the contact lenses could help thousands of blind people all around the world in their daily lives.

More information about these contact lenses, please check here

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