Zoomax Luna 6 impressions


zoomax luna 6 for mothers

zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision using the built in handle

I can summarize my positive observations from the Luna 6 with one single word - "Wow!". Way, way better than my previous video magnifier - that's for sure. With Luna 6, I can do a lot of tasks that I can't do without it, including, but not limited to: Read the labels and expiration dates of my medications; Read text on phone and computer screens; Work with my microwave oven; Read the menus and messages in my favorite video game - "GTA Online"; and many others. Also, the design of the device is good: The buttons have a good contrast between background and label; The indicators for power on and charging are very bright and easy to see; The handle is comfortable to use; etc. So, huge thanks to Zoomax for making such a wonderful product! And the Zoomax customer service is good too!

By Kostadin Kolev, from Bulgaria

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