Zoomax Snow 4.3″ Approached to the Robert Coppes Foundation

Robert Coppes Foundation staff reading Dutch paper with Zoomax Snow 4.3″

Days before Christmas in 2017, a gift from Zoomax arrived at Robert Coppes Foundation before Santa comes. Aiming at supporting low vision organizations, institutes and schools globally, Zoomax "Better Vision" program donated the featured low vision product Snow 4.3″ to Robert Coppes Foundation.

Snow 4.3″, as a member of Snow family, not only is Zoomax best-selling product, also is warmly gratulated by most Zoomax Better Vision program participants. After Snow 7 HD donated to Deaf-blind Support Fund, Snow 4.3″ is a new member of Snow family sponsored. The compact design of Snow 4.3″ provides readers with a better reading experience, also offers sharp image even at the lowest magnification and under fast movement, attracting considerable low vision people's attention. Assuredly, Snow 4.3″ won the reputation from the Robert Coppes Foundation.

Robert Coppes Foundation is one of the most notable organizations providing support for people with visually impairment in Europe. Mr Peter Verstraten, on behalf of the Robert Coppes Foundation and the user, conveyed the appreciation for Zoomax:

"Thanking you very much for your kindness and willingness to approach the Robert Coppes Foundation with your offer. We received the Snow 4.3 in good order. The product is working fine! The image of Snow 4.3 is sharp."

Since Zoomax's Better Vision has been launched a few months, we have donated free magnifiers to low vision people in need of better independence. If any organization interested in a better view for visually impaired people you serve, please check the detail here and contact us via [email protected].

Related information:

About Robert Coppes Foundation - Rebert Coppes Foundation, as a member of Association of Dutch Institutions for People with a Visual Impairment (VIVIS), co-organiser of the European Conferences on Psychology and Visual Impairment aims at supporting low vision people in Europe. The organization also is a member of the European network ENVITER and Co-organiser of the VISION 2017 Congress.

About Peter Verstraten – Peter Verstraten is a program manager and registered health care psychologist of the Robert Coppes Foundation; he also served as a director in the Royal Dutch Visio to support elderly visually impaired, was an expert member of the Steering Group on Elderly Visually Impaired at EBU.


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