Zoomax Donation: Magnifier Snow 7 HD to Deaf-blind Support Fund

Staff of Deaf-blind Support Fund trying Zoomax Snow 7 HD

Charitable Fund Deaf-blind Support Fund has received a charitable donation from Zoomax. Zoomax signature product for low vision, portable video magnifier Snow 7 HD, as part of Zoomax program Better Vision, now is delivered to support the Polygon program in Deaf-blind assistance section.

Deaf-blind Support Fund (Фонд поддержки слепоглухих in Russian) is an organization from Russia with the incipient emergence dating back to 1909. For decades they have been devoted themselves into the benefaction for better mutual communication: to become "an intermediate between the world of deaf-blind people and the world of people who can see and hear".

The Polygon program, providing free screening and evaluation of products and innovative devices, makes a great implementation since it bridges both the developers and users of assistive technologies. Cooperating with Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Science and Innovation Resource Center Enabling Technologies (Технологии возможностей in Russia), Deaf-blind Support Fund aims at a testing program with authority. A preliminary testing review of Zoomax Snow 7 HD is now available.

Denis Kuleshov displaying assistive devices on OTR TV program

On 15th Nov 2016, Mr Denis Kuleshov, director of Enabling Technologies, revealed part of the assistive gadgets including watch, cell phone, wearable mechanical assistance, video magnifier, and hearing aid designed for facilitation of disabled people's daily life. Zoomax Snow 7 HD is on display. For full video, please check Денис Кулешов: Наша площадка в Ресурсном центре поддержки слепоглухих до отказа забита различными устройствами from OTR, one of the major TV channels in Russia.

Zoomax is now involving in the program Better Vision intending to donate free visual aids to social organizations, educational institutions and low vision communities as assistive devices around the world. If you are interested in joining the programs, check more information available at: www.zoomax.com/news/Zoomax-Campaign-Free-Video-Magnifiers-for-Organizations.html


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