Name My Own Video Magnifier

No one would refuse to name his or her gift. So why not name your own video magnifier? Zoomax is collecting names for our new 7″ HD handheld video magnifier all over the world. In return, we will award: 

  • 1 new product for the adopted name 
  • 4 handheld video magnifiers Butterflys for other 4 best names.

What should be sent: Name, Meaning of the name, Features of product you like or care

Where to send[email protected]

The deadline for sending names: June 12nd 2013

All names will be updated on this page for reference. 5 best names will be selected and published on Jun 20th 2013. The adopted name if any will be published on Jun 25th 2013.

Main features of new handheld video magnifier:

  1. Easy-to-use functions setting 
  2. Tactile and high color contrast buttons 
  3. 7″ Widescreen 
  4. Auto focus timely 
  5. Intelligent switch to see far clearly 
  6. High definition camera 
  7. Lightweight as a book 
  8. Modern & compact design

Attention: The name should be original. The copyright of adopted and awarded names should belong to Zoomax Technology Inc. Any question, please feel free to contact us.

Here are the names offered by people all over the world. We appreciate their kindness greatly. Names and namers will be updated timely.

Briony Webb: V.I.DIFIER

The "V.I.DIFIER"!! 
V.I. also standing for Visually Impaired.. 
This product sounds great. I have about 10% vision.. 🙂 
Well the word vidifier, just combines video and magnifier, and if the first v, I are initials it also stands for visually impaired. So it is actually Vision impaired video magnifier. 

Steven Jansen: MagniTablet, MagniPad

MagniTablet maybe. it looks like a tablet almost,or MagniPad 

Jen Armbruster: EZ Mag, EZ Mag7

EZ Mag, It appears that this is the selling point. The ease of use. Or maybe the EZ Mag7 to highlight the 7 inch wide screen as I believe that is the other equally important selling point. 

Cindy Hollis Van Winkle: ZoomEase, ZIC7, ZoomE7

"ZoomEase" reflecting the name of the manufacturer, the product being used to zoom in to see better, and the ease of usability.ZIC7: ZIC for Zoom In Clearly, 7 for the size.

ZoomE7! Zoom for the name of the company and what you do with the magnifier; E for the ease of use; 7 for the size of screen.

Cheryl Wilcox: Second Sight, New Vision

Second Sight or New Vision

Taviana Quezada: Zoomtasic CCTV
How about the "Zoomtasic CCTV"? Well considering you are the Zoomax company, and no doubt this is a fantastic machine, I thought the name Zoomtastic would fit with CCTV because it is a portable CCTV after all.

Emily: Luna

Considering most of your product's name related to nature, I suggest your new 7HD with the name of "Luna", which means moon goddess, comes from Rome mythology. That represents the star which comes from dark the same vision of video magnifier. Besides, it also reads similar with Lupa in some European languages. At last it's a name of famous perfume manufactured by Giorgio Armani, which can enhance its elegance.

Don Kurtak: Eagle, Eagle Eye

All of the features are impressive, but I find number 5 especially interesting. Eagle or Eagle Eye seem a good fit since it share many characteristics. The eagle is known for being a swift, sleek, sharp eyed, and intelligent animal. 

Kym Durham: MaxFocus, ZM Focus

My name would be "Focus". While all the features are appealing, 2, 3, & 7 are the most important to me. Something light, with a large screen and easily navigated by touch are key features for someone like me whose visual impairment is secondary to another condition (MS). Why "Focus"? This device could help us bring large parts of the world into focus when we can't ourselves. Now I think of it, "ZMT Focus" , "MaxFocus" or "ZM Focus" also have a nice ring.

Trena Casada: Pocket Eye, EZ eyes

How about pocket eye Or EZ eyes

Jenny Davenport: Diamond

How about Diamond? The compact and sleek design is impressive, just like diamond. 

Alice Thorne: Mirror 7, Crystal 7

7 inch large screen means more things we can see. Wider mirror can reflect larger part of image. I would like to call it Mirror 7 or Crystal 7.

Rone White: Snow 7 HD, E-light 7 HD

Some features of this product seem like the Snow's, 3.5″ handheld video magnifier on your website. If the color is not silver, I would like it to call Snow 7 HD. Or else E-light 7 HD. "E" would be eye or electronic.

Wendy Hoy: CanREAD

Chuck: Voyager 7HD, Traveller 7HD, Handy 7HD, Portable 7HD

Danielle Fernandez: Eye Fab Magnifier, etc.

I hope it is ok for me to post my ideas I have more than one. 
Here they are: 
Double eye Magnifier 
Double zoom Magnifier 
Brilliant mx Magnifier 
Eye leash Magnifier 
Cameo Magnifier 
Ace mx Magnifier 
Ez viewer Magnifier 
Eye comfort Magnifier 

When I was thinking of the names I kept thinking if it was me. What would ketch my eye, and what sounded good to the ear. Ace is for number one V-I product. And fab for i's fabulous quality in making things easier to see! I am totally blind but when I could see I would have totally wanted one of these for myself!

Jean Hingant: Sunset (sun7) and the S-heaven ("seven") 

For this (beautiful) new product I have two names : Sunset (sun7) and the S-heaven ("seven"). 
Firstly, to begin, I chose "sunset" because the new zoomax is beautiful, simple and it's really fun, beautiful to watch. What's more, "set"(sept) means "7" in french. Sept is the same as "seven" in English. 
Then, the second name is a pun. "S-heaven" has the same phonetic as "seven". what's more, heaven is perfect, beautiful, simple and white like the new Zoomax. 
To conclude, I love the simplicity and the design of the new Zoomax.

Giusy: VEDO

short, simple and meaningful!

NIKLAS:"Cloud" or "Stella" (wich means star)

Jan: CrystalSnow, Snowflake

Luisa: Zoomax Maxi 7 HD

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