A Feedback from Mr Ike Presley, Technology Expert from AFB

Ike Presley trying Zoomax M5

Mr Ike Presley, Project Manager in AFB (American Foundation for the Blind), who has devoted himself to career of expanding possibilities for people living with vision loss since 1999, received a special gift from Zoomax. Unlike the previous donations to institute or school, this device, video magnifier M5, is for Mr Presley's own use.

Ike Presley is a man of great professionalism in assistive technology section, especially education for the blind and visually impaired students. From official website the introduction shows "For eleven years, in both itinerant and resource room settings, he served students in grades K-12 who were visually impaired or had additional disabilities. Here, he developed a keen understanding of how technology can be used to support, enhance and maintain the literacy skills of individuals who are blind or visually impaired." The insight into students' essential needs plays an important role in recently published Assistive Technology for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: A Guide to Assessment, whose co-author is Ike Presley.

Black on green color mode and full color mode on Zoomax M5 with handle

Let's check out his feedback of handheld video magnifier M5:

"I have found the device easy to use for reading. I need to explore the distance viewing feature more in order to determine its usefulness. I hope that the stabilization feature will help with the distance viewing option."

(Turn M5's distance viewing on: folding the reading stand back)

Zoomax M5 Closeup: Reading stand

Mr Ike Presley is way far more than a cold researcher: in 2015 Christmas, he donned the red suit and played Santa (well, he emphasized "the beard is my own") in Visually Impaired BEGIN Program (Babies Early Growth Intervention Network) at Atlanta Center. "P.S. Maybe I can turn this into a second career when I retire from AFB." is the end of his article. It is our honor to have good comments from a humorous, zealous man who loves his career of helping people.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all the staffs in AFB as well as other organizations that provide resources for vision loss and enlighten lives of visually impaired people and their families. On the way to provide technological solutions, Zoomax never stop our paces. For people who might be coping with vision loss and in need of electronic magnifier, we hope you will explore Zoomax's website to let us know what we can serve you.

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