Where is the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12?

zoomax snow 12The eyesight situation of people with visually impaired can demonstrate in a variety of ways. However, to fit different eye conditions and meet multiple needs. Among several types of visually impaired aids, Zoomax Snow 12 has a certain reputation on the market. It’s a portable electronic video magnifier with powerful functions and can be used on a foldable stand. Many people choose it as it provides satisfying use to meet users’ demands, and people use Snow 12 in different places for their own purposes. In this read, we interviewed some of the users to figure out where the best place to use Zoomax Snow 12.


The best video magnifier for workplace

Steve is a normal employee working in the office every day. He has suffered the damage to his ocular nerve and resulted in partial visual impairment. Some other complications like dry eye syndrome occurred with his eye condition, which caused discomfort during his daily eye use process. His eyes wouldn’t affect his life too much as they are not as severe as 20/200 vision. Nevertheless, Steve meets lots of trouble during his work.

people with vision loss doing paperworkSteve usually has to sit in the office for the whole day to cope with some paper files by staring at the computer for a long time in the day. The digital screen of the computer can easily induce his dry eyes, making it harder for him to handle the paperwork. In this case, Steve decided to select an electronic video magnifier to help ease the eye strain, and he finally chose Zoomax Snow 12.

Q: What troubles in your life caused by vision loss?

I have to say my visual impairment is not really severe, in some way. Basically it’s just blurred and really sensitive to the lights. I also wear glasses to correct my vision every day, so I don’t think my life is changing a lot. Of course, it is not the same as healthy vision. My eyes now are easier to be tired and feel uncomfortable, especially when I keep using my eyes or watch devices with digital screens for a while, which caused a lot of inconvenience and some troubles in my work. I guess it’s because of the dry eye syndrome that affected my efficiency a lot. I begin to be stressful as long as I know I need to use my eyes for a time.

Q: How do you know about Zoomax Snow 12?

Well, it’s interesting to talk about the way I know the Zoomax Snow 12. When I decided to get a visually impaired aid to help improve my efficiency in my work, I typed some keywords in the search engine, for example, magnifying devices for writing, as my purpose is to find a device I could use for my work. I’m not an expert in the low vision sector, but I guess Snow 12 is kind of popular on the market, it’s not difficult to find it. When talking with my eye doctor, he also recommended this device. And there is plenty of information about it on web when I go search for it.

Q: Why do you choose Zoomax Snow 12?

When I was searching the maxi aids magnifiers on the internet, I did find several results. I was a little shocked by the modern technology and also happy to see there are so many assistive devices for people with visually impaired. That’s definitely a good phenomenon. I compared these devices and considered them carefully. As I said I was eager to find a device that I can use for my work. I stay in the office to deal with a large amount of paperwork every day, sometimes I use the computer as well. I already adjusted the settings of my computer to reduce the pressure on my eyes, so all I wanted is the vision aid for reading and writing. I found out my eye doctor's recommendation is good and Snow 12 is the best choice for me and it doesn’t let me down.

Q: Where do you often use Zoomax Snow 12?

In my office, for sure. I just leave it in my office every day. Maybe sometimes I take it back home for reading books, but usually my Snow 12 stays in my office. It has a moderate size. I could close the foldable stand if necessary, to have more space to work. It’s truly convenient.

Q: If you are going to talk about 3 benefits of Snow 12, what is in your mind?

3 benefits of Snow 12…the first thing comes to my mind might be the foldable stand, I guess. I really like this genius design. I use Snow 12 with the stand to write on the paper files and sometimes use the text-to-speech function so my eyes can be relaxed. The text-to-speech function can be the second advantage for me. The recognition is pretty good. The third thing I would say is the image quality, it is superb! You know, I have lots of paperwork to look at. The excellent image helps me read and see faster. That is just what I need. And the most important thing is the image is also smooth in movement. I never found any image lag. That is awesome.

zoomax snow 12 for workplace

The most helpful video magnifier for students

Gloria is a college student who uses Snow 12 for study. She has blurred vision in her left eye and loses the central vision in her right eye. She claims she can get good grades in her university thanks to the help of Snow 12. Read on to find out how Snow 12 is helpful for Gloria.

Q: What troubles in your life caused by vision loss?

I had eyesight loss problems for years, so I’m sort of getting used to this condition, more or less. But of course, vision loss causes many obvious troubles. For instance, I often hit myself at the beginning, and it’s hard for me to focus because I lost my target all the time. These problems can be corrected or adapted after so many years, but my study is often trapped due to my vision loss problems. I tried several low vision devices during my school time, and they have different kinds of shortages. Then I got Zoomax Snow 12 after I went to my university, and it is truly the most suitable one for me.

Q: How do you know about Zoomax Snow 12?

My college offers some resources for students with visual impairments, so I get the information from the official website of our university. The school has cooperation with some low vision institutions or something, I’m not really sure, but I can get all the information I need online.

Q: Why do you choose Zoomax Snow 12?

So, when I got the information about these low vision aids, I contacted a teacher and submitted an application to try the devices. The teacher told me I could select one or two devices to try first, then I could make the final decision. This is important for me to find the one that can really suit me. So I tried Snow 12 and another device, I don’t quite remember its name, and it also can be used for reading and writing. Anyway, I used both these two devices and chose Snow 12 eventually. I think the quality is better than the other one, and the functions are abundant and powerful.

best video magnifier for students

Q: Where do you often use Zoomax Snow 12?

Classrooms and library. Studying is the priority for me to choose Zoomax Snow 12, so the places I use Snow 12 the most are definitely the classrooms and the library. In the classrooms, I use it to read materials and complete my tasks. And in the library, Snow 12 helps me read books and review literature. It’s simple to operate the device and the quality of the image is always great, so my study time is getting easy and relaxing. Sometimes I may forget to turn off the sound when using it in the library, but I can always fix it quickly since the setting is so easy.

Q: If you are going to talk about 3 benefits of Snow 12, what is in your mind?

The first one must be its portability. As I mentioned I often use Snow 12 in the classrooms and the library, so it’s crucial for me to have a video magnifier that is portable to carry. Snow 12 and its foldable stand can be easily put in my bag. Well, maybe it’s a little bit heavy to take both the device and the metal stand, but luckily our campus is not too huge, so I can still be able to take them everywhere. Also, the touch screen function is really cool. I have to admit I’m addicted to smart phones as well although I don’t have good vision. The touch screen function is really helpful for me to figure out how to use the device. As for the last thing, I think I can say it’s comfortable to write with Snow 12. I know it’s necessary to use the foldable stand when writing, but the image is always clear and the stand is stable all the time. I think these benefits are crucial for at least a college student just like me.

zoomax snow 12 for students at school

Best Places to Use Zoomax Snow 12

According to the interviews with Steve and Gloria, it’s not hard to summarize the best places to use Zoomax Snow 12.

  • Classroom

To use Snow 12 in the classrooms, the device provides abundant functions for users to read their textbooks or do their homework. Students with visually impaired can have a simpler way to study happily and effectively.

  • Library

To read novels, review literature, or make notes in the library, Snow 12 is always the best choice for people with low vision. Not only the visually impaired students but also the teachers who have visual impairments can have the option to use Snow 12 to relieve the pressure of overusing their eyes.

  • Office

Snow 12 is an ideal digital magnifier for employees with low vision who needs to sit in the office all day to deal with paperwork or so. Whether you need to read paper files, check sheets, or sign documents, the device can be helpful for you to see bigger and clearer.

use zoomax snow 12 in workplaces and schools

To know more about Zoomax Snow 12, please visit https://www.zoomax.com/low-vision-products/12-inch-portable-video-magnifier-snow-12.html. And if you want to share more possibilities for using your Snow 12, don’t hesitate to contact us @Zoomax or [email protected]. We are looking forward to your story!



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