How Does Luna 6 Help People with Low Vision in Their Daily Lives?

Assistive technologies such as optical magnifying aids, electronic video magnifiers, audio navigation systems, and so on, have always been helpful for people with visual impairments. You will find different categories in each type of technology. Take electronic magnifiers as an example. There are desktop video magnifiers, handheld video magnifiers, portable video magnifiers and wearable devices. According to the research, the majority of people choose the handheld unit. In this article, we collect 2 typical reviews of the Luna 6 product. Let's see how this low-vision device changes the daily life.

zoomax luna 6 for daily use

The Best Visual Aids for Daily Reading!

Martin from Australia told us that Zoomax Luna 6 is the best video magnifier he has ever used. He has spotty vision in his right eye. As he described, it's like there are smudges in his eye covering his view. With this symptom for years, Martin doesn't feel difficult usually in his life. The only obvious challenge for him is very limited time in reading. Keep reading for over ten minutes, he feels extremely eye strain and becomes hard to focus on the text. As a reading enthusiast, this really bothers him.

“I’m retired. There is plenty of time to read now. Reading is my favorite and I cannot lose it.”

martin reads with zoomax luna 6Martin made the decision to purchase a magnifying reading aid for daily use. His only requirement for the visual aid is that it can be useful to peruse books for a longer period of time. He conducted some studies, tested a few vision aids from various brands at the nearby stores, and ultimately selected the Zoomax Luna 6. Martin claims he is not in need of the multifunctional device. This is how the Zoomax Luna 6 satisfies him.

Martin indicated that Zoomax Luna 6 is the finest digital magnifying aid for reading. It is simple to utilize. He can typically start to enjoy reading after properly adjusting the magnification and activating the reading lines mode. He gives the foot stand and built-in handle design his highest commendation as well: “This ingenious design accommodated various reading positions, for example, sitting at a table or lounging on the couch.”

reading with zoomax luna 6Furthermore, the unique wireless charging function of Zoomax Luna 6 surprises Martin as well. The device will start to charge automatically by simply placing it into the appropriate slots. Martin feels so satisfied since it is always a problem for people with vision loss to find the charging port. He appreciates this thoughtful design.

The perfect helper for everyday shopping!

The housewife Sophia who comes from California in America accidentally got hurt in her right eye while caring for her children, impairing her eyesight. Since then, Sophia overused her left eye, which also resulted in the vision loss of this eye. The situation brings huge inconvenience for this housewife. Especially when picking up groceries in the supermarket, the texts with information printed on the packaging bags are always too tiny to see clearly. Sophia finds it annoying since as a mother, she always needs to check the ingredients and date of the production, in order to choose the finest stuff for her kids.

shopping at the storesThe twist comes when Sophia’s friend advised her to try low vision devices. Her friend is a nurse who works in a senior care center, and the friend noticed some people would read newspapers with low vision aids so she reasoned that Sophia might also benefit from this technology. With her recommendation, Sophia soon bought a Zoomax Luna 6 and knew how to use it skillfully in a short time. Currently Sophia has been using Zoomax Luna 6 for more than a year, and the grocery store is without a doubt where she uses it the most. “I have to say it’s the perfect product for my everyday use. I take it to the groceries every time,” says Sophia. She can easily check the labels with the Zoomax Luna 6 handheld video magnifier to find the best food for her children. The ingredients, date of production, price tag…Sophia can see all of them clearly.

Adjusting the magnification and operating the color contrasts to find the most suitable view now are simple for her, so she can effortlessly review the labels. Meanwhile, carrying this electronic magnifier to the grocery store is also easy because of its small size and lightweight.

“If you have similar experiences or the same needs as I do, and you also need to go shopping with a digital magnifying device, Zoomax Luna 6, I highly recommend it to you.”

----From Sophia

read the labels with zoomax luna 6

Why Zoomax Luna 6 Can Help?

Why Luna 6 can help people with low vision in their daily life? Martin and Sophia’s story gives the answers.

1. Very Easy to Use

zoomax luna 6 is easy to useZoomax Luna 6 handheld video magnifier is very easy to use for people of any age. The functions of adjusting the magnification, changing color modes, and freezing the image can be activated simply and people are available to use the device with only one hand. Generally, these basic functions can meet the needs for daily use as Martin and Sophia do.

2. Lightweight to Carry Around

zoomax luna 6 is lightweightAs a handheld visual magnifier, Luna 6 has an appropriate size and lightweight, which means it’s portable to carry around. Sitting at the table is definitely not the single option to use Luna 6 at home. It’s also a flexible vision aid for outdoor use. Both Martin and Sophia prove that Zoomax Luna 6 can meet the demands for indoor or outdoor use.

3. Unique Wireless Charging Function

zoomax luna 6 wireless chargerIt’s particularly meaningful to mention the unique wireless charging function of Zoomax Luna 6, which brings more convenience than the traditional wired chargers. People with visual impairment don’t need to take much time to find the port connecting the charging cable. For more advantages of the unique wireless charger of Zoomax Luna 6, please check: 2 Reasons Why Visually Impaired People Should Use Wireless Charging.

4. Unique Built-in Handle

zoomax luna 6 with built in handleThe built-in handle of Luna 6 can stay at any angle from 0 to 180 degrees. The layout makes it possible to read comfortably while standing or sitting thanks to the gorgeous images and comfortable handling of the device. Holding the handle to use it in the store, Zoomax Luna 6 is a great vision magnifier for reading price tags, so people can make sure the items they choose won’t beyond the budget.

As we can see, people choose Luna 6 for a variety of reasons. To use indoors or outdoors, Zoomax Luna 6 somehow is the ideal choice for everyday use. Give it a try if you or your loved ones with low vision are looking for a video magnifier for long-period reading, distance viewing and no image lag viewing. Get an easier life with Zoomax Luna 6.

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