Without Huge Advertising, Why Is Acesight Out of Stock Everywhere?

Looking At Pill Bottle With Electronic Glasses Acesight In High Contrast Colors

Starting gathering momentum worldwide since 2014, wearable electronic products have been mushrooming in a variety of industries including games, outdoor, and health.

Since the first appearance of wearable assistive technology for visual impairment on the world market, a lot of wearable devices have been produced and updated over the years. Gradually, some of the products have become common when people are taking about the low vision aids.

Among them, electronic glasses Acesight is one of the latest products.

It is not the most famous one; many people have already heard or tried plenty other products before they first hear about Acesight.

When people trying to get more information about it, they find that the demand exceeds supply, and they need to wait in the line.

Why is the "unknown" Acesight such a great hit?

The following five reasons can help you get a glimpse of the secret of its success.

Focus on Product

Instead of marketing, the Acesight team pays more attention on the product itself.

After market testing and product improvement for over a year (Acesight first appeared on the conference in the name of RevoSight before its official launch on 2019 Jan), Acesight develops a dominant picture quality and an impressive fresh rate that enables users to wear without dizziness.

During exhibitions, Acesight demonstrates its quality to the public by connecting the glasses to a monitor, so that visitors can see the screen display performance of Acesight clearly.

Until now, Acesight has received some reviews from the public, not many though. More feedbacks are still needed in the future.

But most of the received comments show positive attitudes.

Facebook Message About Acesight

The Acesight team is also working hard to get more publicity of the product in the market and let more visually impaired people have a chance to know and try the new solution out.

Close-to-life Demo

The second reason Acesight runs out very fast is the great performance of demo.

Many wearable device brands provide demos. They have a strong belief that the product will definitely work as long as the demo works out fine.

Maybe you are also one of the people that are convinced by the performance of the demo .

However, even being charged with a pretty considerable amount of returning fee, some people still return the purchased unit back to the vendor because the product does not work well or meet their expectations in reality, despite of fine performance during the demo.

Some electronic glasses even reach a surprising return rate of higher than 40%.

Why do people return them after feeling good with them in the demo?

First of all, different locations of demonstration can make a significant difference during demo. 

Since some demos are held at blind or low vision centers, which are built and designed especially to help low vision people move around easily, rather than at home, many problems that could occur at home are neglected during the simple demo.

1 Painting The Railings A Color That Contrasts With The Wall Will Be Helpful

Therefore, your good experience at demo cannot actually approve the product to be suitable for you to use at your own home.

Some demos are held at the patient's home. Yet, unfortunately, in order to "make it work", it's quite common for the demo staff to consciously guide the wearers to view something particularly recognizable, such as a Snellen chart, to make an immediate good impression of the product.

Seeing things that you haven't seen before will enrapture the wearers greatly. Taken over by irrational emotions, people instantly make a fast order without thorough considerations.

But Acesight demo is different from the others.

In the demo process, the wearers can do whatever they want to discover powerful functions of Acesight with needed instruction, which ensure them to test the visual independence with the unit on during the experience.

And the demo can take place at a professional low vision center or at home at their choice.

Hayley Pelletier
Hayley Pelletier Trying Electronic Glasses Acesight at the Chicago Lighthouse in Illinois.

Take the example of one of the Acesight testers, Hayley Pelletier.

She looked at people's face, the phone screen, the indoor environment around her during the demo, and she even could tell the material of the host's clothes on the TV.

Therefore, the close-to-life demo is a big reason why people could trust and buy Acesight right after the demo finishes.

Low Return Rates

As mentioned before, Acesight is often bought at the time of the demo. This explains why Acesight sells and gets out of stock quickly.

Well, like all the products, some units are returned after a completed purchase.

To be honest, it is unlikely to find a zero return rates product on the market. Unless the vendor put very strict return policies that people find it arduous and meaningless to return or very limited amount of products are produced and sold.

However, Acesight's return rate is still much lower than that of many well-known electronic glasses.

How could Acesight, as a relatively young and new brand, achieve such low return rate?

First of all, nowadays users have more access to compare and learn about different products, and they know what qualities they value the most in a product.

When people come to try Acesight, a great chance is that they have already been educated about this type of products, or even may have tried similar products from different brands.

After they try on Acesight, they have a personal experience of the quality and power of Acesight, and they know exactly what they are looking for is.

Second, this also has everything to do with the awesome product itself.

Besides all the cool functions that Acesight has and the obvious benefits it brings to the customers, one more design makes Acesight outstanding and unique.

Acesight Greatly Increases The Visual Field For Patients With A Less Than 20 Degree Field Of R

Acesight can be used for eye conditions with a field of view (FOV) of less than 20 degrees; which is defined as legally blind condition in many countries.

However, many other wearable products are not suitable for people with this FOV condition. Several of their developers even refuse to provide demos for people with narrow FOV.

For this group of people, Acesight is probably the only and the best solution.

Therefore, Acesight attracts a large part of users with this special eye condition, and these users, once they see what Acesight can do for their life, become absolutely loyal to this life-changing product.

Recommended by Pros

As you may have noticed, Acesight has very little advertising.

While developing Acesight, we care more about what our users care about.

People with some specific eye conditions (such as particularly small FOV) are more concerned about the technology used on the product.

So what other channels can people buy the product from?

According to the data analyzed by Acesight team, more than 20% of the purchasers are recommended by the professionals, including doctors and professional low vision institutions.

Acesight Demo Day By Chicago Lighthouse

In contrast, the inquiries from advertising account for only 10.8%.

That is to say, one out of five units is purchased by the user who has tried Acesight with suggestion of a professional.

Doctors and professional low vision consultants are professional in their own fields, and they are even more knowledgeable in pathology than the low vision people themselves.

Their recommendations are made after thorough consideration of both the values of the product and patients' specific eye condition with a prediction of the development of a certain eye diseases in the long run.

In order to facilitate the visually impaired people in trying more assistive technologies, many institution staffs and ophthalmologists ask us to provide an Acesight for their patients. Some inventory is therefore sent as a demo unit.

Hayley's demo as we have mentioned earlier, was held at the Chicago Lighthouse of the Blind.

So if you see an Acesight on a doctor's desk, congratulations: you have met an eye doctor who follows closely to the latest assistive technology.

Of course, after solving the inventory scarcity of Acesight,after more inventories of Acesight are produced, there will be more organizations and doctors that have a demo unit.

Stay tuned.

Strictly Controlled Assembly Processes

It's not only from the pressure of excessive demand but also the production capacity when talking about the inventory shortage.

For all equipment manufacturers, sufficient capacity is the key to ensure supply.

Acesight has over 200 parts on assembling line. As an FDA-registered medical device, Acesight is with strict standards for each part assembled.

Acesight Deconstruction

Among all the parts, optical components, including lenses and the inside micro-screens, are the most important parts which also requires the highest standards of techniques.

What's more, the optical components and final assembly of the whole device are produced in a dust-free workshop; no collision is allowed to occur during the post-production transportation in order to ensure display accuracy.

Besides the high standards for the critical components, the rest components are produced according to a sophisticated process as well.

For example, the eye mask needs to be processed with additional surface hardening; and the glue used is selected from more than 30 kinds of glues after hundreds of testing.

The complexity of the process adds up difficulty and time consumed in producing Acesight, comparing with other simpler products.

The software of Acesight is also keeping updating.

For over a year before the official launch of Acesight, the Acesight software development team has been iterating on the functions based on different feedbacks.

People Trying Wearable Low Vision Aid Acesight At Sightcity Conference

These feedbacks mostly come from visually impaired users, and professionals and doctors.

Thanks to these feedbacks, the latest version of Acesight features a simpler and easier user experience than the initial version released.

Besides that, the rigorous quality assurance is the guarantee to good quality of the product, and the quality enables Acesight to offer a one-year warranty.

So taking all these aspects into consideration, is there anything that we can do to approve the production capacity?

The answer is yes.

The Acesight team has been doing a lot of work to increase productivity.

For example, Acesight has made a breakthrough improvement in ensuring the stability of optical components.

From the time of its first appearance to the official launch, Acesight's production capacity has increased by 60%, and is gradually approaching to the goal of stabilized supply.

Trust in us: for those who are still waiting for Acesight, you will hear good news soon.

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