ReadPill Bottles or Top-Shelf BookTitles with Portable CCTV

By Andrew Leibs, Guide

Updated August 05, 2013

The Capture is a handheld video magnifier from Shanghai-based developer Zoomax Technology. The pocket CCTV has a 4.3-inch screen, an HD autofocus camera, and 10 viewing modes --text and background color combinations to provide optimal contrast.

The device -- designed for low vision users with conditions such as macular degeneration -- is similar in size and function to the Enhanced Vision Pebble, the Optelec Compact 5 HD, and the HumanWare SmartView Versa+.

The Capture, however, has two distinguishing features:

  1. An ergonomic design with controls that make it easy to use with one hand
  2. The ability to "capture" and store up to 100 images for later viewing -- including the ability to change the magnification and viewing mode of the still image

The Zoomax Capture enables visually impaired users to:

  • Do research without having to rely on memory or written notes
  • Read fine print on pill bottles, packaging, and in newspapers or the phone book
  • Snag titles of out-of-reach book sandtext posted on signs, monitors, menus, and maps
  • Sign checks, fill out forms, do crossword puzzles, etc. using the foldable writing stand.

Using Zoomax Capture

Turn on Zoomax Capture using the power button on the top left of the device.

Align the camera over the print material you wish to view, enlarge, or capture.

Turn the wheel button located on the right side of the screen to zoom in and out. The autofocus camera adjusts smoothly and maintains clarity, even when dragged quickly over long lines of text. The device also emits a beep marking magnification levels.

To change the viewing mode, press in the center of the wheel button to cycle through the device's 10 background configurations.

To change the brightness, press the arrow button located above the wheel button.

To "capture" an image, press the freeze frame button on the top right, i.e. where a camera shutter would be.

To delete an image, press delete button (the trashcan icon below the wheel button) twice.

For a larger viewing area that maintains viewing and magnification modes, connect the Capture to an analog TV using thePAL/NTSC cable.

The Zoomax Capture memorizes your most recent settings (viewing mode, magnification level, TV format, etc.) and uses those next time you turn on the device.

If left idle for 3 minutes, the Capture goes into power saving mode to prolong the battery and auto-switches to charger power wheeler-charging the battery.


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