Guiding Light in Life

Born in Chicago, USA, Jenny is a beautiful girl who runs a small shop in her hometown. Unfortunately, Jenny was born with glaucoma in both eyes. She lost all her peripheral vision and now can only see out of a small part of her eyes.

"It's always been bad," states Jenny speaking of her condition, "I was almost totally blind in the past years."

Because of this poor eyesight problems, Jenny wore thick prescription glasses and had to hold anything she needed to read very close to her face. Life is not convenient for her until she used our low vision product-Snow Video Magnifier. We met Jenny at a low vision exhibition in 2012, and noticed this girl who stood in front of our booth and was totally attracted by our product. She tried it and then she found she could see the small words easier by using Snow Video Magnifier. Through our conversation, we were deeply impressed by her optimistic and tough personality.

So we decided to present one set for this lovely girl at once. After that she began to use our Snow Video Magnifier device.

"Before I got Snow Video Magnifier, I would get extremely tired after only an hour of reading."

Says Jenny

"Learning is critical for me – I have to read journals, and keep studying to enrich myself. We really need assistive technology to enable us to  read mails, such medical care announcement, to pay bills and write checks , to use the telephone, to read the clock and even to get around physically without bumping into things. Such equipment ,really helps me a lot !"

"I don’t look at my eyesight as a downfall" says Jenny. "I try not to limit myself. If you want something enough in your life, you can find a way to do it. There might be some obstacles in the way, but I also believe there's always a solution out there. It's just a matter of finding it."

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