Great Mother Won a M5 For Her Son

Handheld Video Magnifier Zoomax M5 was tested by Leo, son of Erin Botelho, Zoomax activity winner 

Dear Zoomax,

Thank you so much!!

We were excited to try the M5 and the product really delivers overall. The device is for my 1st grade 7-year-old son who has cerebral palsy, complete hemianopsia, and extremely low vision (legally blind).


  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Buttons to enlarge and decrease text size are in a great position
  • HDMI output is a wonderful option. We use this to connect to a 22" LCD monitor for nightly reading.
  • Lightweight
  • Slant positioning with a kickstand and a light (best features for us)
  • Color screen. Great for photographs, magazines and books.
  • My son seems genuinely interested in using it


  • Leo only likes to use the reader for BLACK text on a bright WHITE background. There are several options and sometimes the sensitive screen changes unintentionally.

After only a couple weeks, it's amazing to see Leo use the M5. He asks for it while completing homework and independently reading. Although he still needs help sliding it over the text due to some physical limitations; he is learning quickly!

We can't wait to see how Leo will continue to incorporate this into daily life!

Thanks again,

Erin Botelho

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