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BCA Tweed Valley Branch: “So Portable and User Friendly”

Hi Sandra,

BCA Tweed Valley Branch held its first meeting for 2017 yesterday 7th February.

We had a lovely time catching up with our Members and were fortunate to have a lady from the Macula Disease Foundation Australia give a very informative talk and provide information for Members to take home.

After business was finished I had time to sit down with Members who do have some sight and explain and show what the Snow 7 HD can do and how it can benefit them.

Well, Members were most impressed, especially with it being so portable and user friendly. Our Anne-Gabrielle now has the Snow 7 HD to take home and trial, she is very excited and feels it will be most helpful with everyday life. Being able to Freeze the screen is a wonderful thing and to start with she would like to Freeze recipe instructions and phone numbers to make use of it being so portable. Being able to hook it up to the television for a giant monitor is fantastic and it has a good quality picture. Most of the time when you enlarge a photo it tends to be distorted, not so with the Snow 7 HD. Anne-Gabrielle will give me Feedback on her progress with the Snow 7 HD which I will forward to you. I did take a few photos yesterday of Anne-Gabrielle with the Snow 7 HD, they are on my phone and I will send them to you today.

Thank you for your help with giving our Members a chance to use such a great product as the Snow 7 HD.

Kind Regards,

Rhonda Jones

Vice President BCA Tweed Valley Branch

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