Université de Rouen Joined Zoomax Better Vision program

Université de Rouen joined Zoomax Better Vision program

For student assistance of education promotion, Zoomax previously endowed featured product hand held video magnifier M5, to Université de Rouen. Like the previous donations to institute or school, Zoomax always regards "supporting the visually impaired people" as tenet of the program.

Université de Rouen, one of the famous public comprehensive universities in France, providing free education, which has 396 years of history so far. Université de Rouen provides multi-disciplinary training courses, including law, economics, management, humanities, medical and health and so on. About the details of the university, please browse their official website: www.univ-rouen.fr

Recently Zoomax received feedback from Université de Rouen:

"It is very easy to use and useful for text (with different for- and back grounds) and some - not too- complexes diagram" students here indicated." Students here indicated.

Université de Rouen students using hand held video magnifier M5 to read

Professor Edwige Pissaloux, who is in charge of Better Vision project launch in Université de Rouen, expressed their gratitude and mentioned "My students like it".

Students from Université de Rouen demonstrating high contrast color modes of hand held video magnifier M5

Zoomax never stops its pace to support low vision people in need of better independence. In addition, we hope the device would be of help to these students.

If any organization would like to have any support from Zoomax, please send email to [email protected] Do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries.

About the details of "Better Vision" program, please check our official announcement Zoomax Thanksgiving Day Campaign: Free Video Magnifiers for Organizations

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