Use of Low Vision Aids

Although the possibility of treatment for these disorders at present is virtually non-existent, the ophthalmologist and optometrist play a key role in providing the aids and services that help make bilateral congenital cataracts who, if detected early and operated on soon afterwards, can achieve relatively normal levels of distance acuity through contact or intraocular lenses.

One of the most important decisions for the parent of a young child is whether availability of low vision aids and appropriate educational support is of paramount importance. Children and young adults are more dexterous than older adults with visual impairment and with encouragement can utilize low vision aids very successfully.

It is important that the introduction of visual aids is carried out in a non-threatening manner, and in the younger child may even be introduced as a game. The earlier the age of onset and the more severe the degree of visual loss, the more educational progress is impeded.

According to research, most children with mild to moderate visual impairment can cope in normal school given the good low vision equipment. For children and young adults, we recommend handheld video magnifier Capture which is stylish and popular except powerful functions.

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