Smart Lighting for People With Low Vision

Lighting Of Stairs Means A Lot To Low Vision People
Stair lighting is a modern decorating style as well as a homely assistance to low vision people

Did you know that we need twice as much light at sixty as we did at thirty? As we grow older the importance of proper lighting becomes more significant. For those with low vision, proper and adequate lighting is crucial for day to day living. Glare and intensity should also be taken into consideration.

Lighting needs will vary and should be based on each persons individual visual circumstances, but here is some general information that you may find helpful for visually impaired people.

General overhead illumination is needed to light an entire area, but it is not sufficient for most tasks. Finding the type of lighting that works best for each task may take a little time and experimentation. Some prefer incandescent lighting while others may prefer fluorescent or halogen.

Adjustable lamps are usually a good choice for tasks such as sewing or crafts. The lamp should be positioned beside you instead of in front of you; this will help reduce glare. Having lamps on both sides of you may also help reduce shadows.

Reading and writing presents their own challenges as times. For reading place the lamp on each side of you. To make writing easier, place the lamp opposite from the hand you write with. For example, if you are right handed, place the lamp on your left side. This will help eliminate shadows from falling on the paper.

Glare may also be reduced by taking a few extra steps. Make sure that all of your windows have sufficient coverings such as light curtains or blinds to filter bright light and cover all bare bulbs with shades.

For safety reasons, ensure that all stairways are well lit. The light should illuminate the floor, steps, railings and walls. Hallways should be lit in similar fashion.

Try to maintain similar lighting in every room of your house so that your eyes do not have to adjust abruptly going from one area to another. It is difficult to adjust when going from bright and well lit areas to areas where there is low light. Not only is this uncomfortable but also a safety hazard.

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