Proper Eye Care Is Important for Low Vision

Regular ophthalmologic examination is vital for low vision people

Since development of eye care, many diseases such as cataract, keratopathy led to blind could mostly have been cured. However, the study on hereditary retinal disease is still less more evident. With the aging of population, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma that caused visual function damage show a gradual increasing trend. Low vision not only makes a profound influence on people's daily life, but also leads to a sort of psychological and sociological questions. While, with remain visually function, low vision patient still have ability to undertake various job by sight. Thus, a proper eye care is extremely important.

Different eye diseases have a different impairment of vision with a different symptom. For example, the typical eye disease, senile macular degeneration, patient may present with central-vision loss and retain very usable peripheral (side) vision. While patient with glaucoma are peripheral field loss and central visual acuity. Sometimes, even in the same sight damage degree, rehabilitations are different since to patient's difference in disease, circumstance and remaining visual function.

As a result low vision rehabilitation must be based on a routine ophthalmologic examination to make sure the patients' remaining visual function, so that there will be an individualize therapy in accordance with the need of patient and their own circumstance. During the treatment, a close follow-up to adjust the treatment plan according to specific need is necessary.

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