10 Benefits You Will Get From a Video Magnifier

Primarily, to choose a proper assistive technology makes a big difference for low vision lives. A proper assistive technology must be provided with optimal cost-effectiveness and practical functions which match your lifestyle.

Tons of low vision assistive devices on the market cover a wide range of appearances, functions and prices, which puzzled people when planning to purchase.

Here we listed 10 benefits you will get from a video magnifier, one of the low vision assistive technologies. Hope these benefits, more or less, can guide the confusing low vision consumers.

10 Benefits You Will Get From a Video Magnifier
10 Benefits You Will Get From a Video Magnifier


The stylish cellphone/TV-like appearance enables low vision users to feel confident especially in public

Clear View

Most video magnifiers are equipped with high-contrast color viewing modes, which facilitate reading of low vision people greatly.

Use Laptop

Designed for school and office use, some video magnifier can show real-time image on laptop or other screens.

Look Ahead

When a video magnifier has close-up and distance magnification, it can help you both read price tag and traffic light, and something further.

See in the Dark

The LED light on an video magnifier is designed to illuminate reading materials.

Typically brightness of screen is also adjustable.

No Distortion

A video magnifier can deliver better image quality without distortion thanks to advanced camera and graphics processing software installed.

No Glare

Proper high-contrast viewing modes and anti-glare screen reduce risks of degeneration of eye condition.

Relax Your Eyes

A video magnifier with OCR and Text-to-Speech function can enable low vision people to listen to the reading materials without staring at them.

Capture Image

Image capture function is widely applied on video magnifiers.

Basically the frozen images can be viewed closer.

Enjoyable Writing

Writing stand, working surface and other equipment are particularly effective for comfortable handwriting.

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