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Zoomax is launching new low vision aids - Snow Pad, Snow Eye and Luna Eye! 

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Portable Video Magnifier

Snow Pad is the best option for visually impaired students to gain greater access in  the classroom. Instant focus, crisp image and split screen features help create an engaging learning  environment.  It is also an ideal vision companion for every low-vision person to handle daily multi-tasks!

Snow Pad for low vision class
acesight vr low vision eyewear

Low Vision E-Glasses

Acesight electronic glasses, the best assistive eyewear , helps visually impaired people with 20/200 Vision, tunnel vision, peripheral vision,  macular degeneration ( AMD ), retinitis pigmentosa, cataract  and glaucoma read, write, sew, watch TV and see their loved ones! 

Handheld Video Magnifier

When portability is your top priority, look no further than our Zoomax Luna product family of low vision magnifiers. From our very compact 4.3″ pocket-size magnifier to our elegant 8″ large-screen portable magnifier, there’s a magnifying aid for everyone with visual imairment.


zoomax luna 6 handheld electronic video magnifier for low vision carry luna 6 around
Zoomax Luna Eye for low vision ito read books and see things far away

Desktop Video Magnifier

Zoomax Luna HD 24 Pro and Luna Eye desktop electronic magnifier (CCTV) has 24-inch widescreen display and amazing image quality. Fast auto-focus, ergonomic design  and extra-large working surface, all make Luna CCTVs the best desktop option for low-vision users indoors.

vision aids OEM/ODM

We are happy to provide you OEM and ODM service with regards to digital magfniers, reading machine for legally blind, braille reader for the blind and low vision eyewear. With over 15 years of  research and development experience in low vision aids industry, Zoomax is definitely your ideal partner.

low vision aids oe

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"Thank you so much again for providing a value to those who need it!"
Stacey S.
Director of New Jersey Blind Citizens Association

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