Zoomax Launched Magnifier App on iOS and Android

Zoomax Launched Magnifier App on iOS and Android

Zoomax Technology launched its magnifier app "Zoomax" on iOS and "Zoomax Magnifier" Android on Feb, 2019.

As a developer of traditional low vision aids devices, Zoomax releases its smartphone app as a new solution of low vision after winning great reputation from the wearable product, electronic glasses Acesight. Just like Acesight's amazing performance in image quality, Zoomax app feature uniquely sharp image quality in high contrast and smooth edge of words on the printed materials in comparison of other magnifier apps, various famous ones included.

Scan the QR code below to download Zoomax app for free:

Scan the QR code to download Zoomax magnifier app for free

Compared with the electronic handheld magnifying devices, Zoomax magnifier app is with great cost-effectiveness, and it can change high contrast colors which are hardly to be achieved with optical magnifiers. The following functions are installed:

 - Auto/manual focus

 - Zoom in and out

 - Freeze, and save the image

 - High contrast colors* (black/white, black/yellow, and blue/white)

 - Contrast ratio change in high contrast color

* The high contrast color is a Pro function.

Every user will have 24h free trial of Pro function. After that, only $1.99 is needed to upgrade to Pro.

Below is an instruction video. There is a Guide function in the app to help you go through all the functions quickly.

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